Do you know why a hole is made in the belly of a fish before it is released?

2022-05-15 0 By

We often see the TV or video of fishing for some reason, such as too small and so on, and before releasing the fish, they have to make a hole in the belly of the fish. Do you know why?This kind of situation often happen in sea fishing a boat, the fish that live in the depths of the ocean, because of the deep pressure is bigger, swim bladder like airbags in a compressed state for a long time, if suddenly fished out of the water, its inside outside pressure difference is too big, in a short period of time will swim bladder expanding rapidly, all the body organs will be squeezed, even free cannot survive this case,So many fishermen use a needle to puncture the surface of the fish, deflate the swim bladder to lower the pressure so that the fish can return to the deep sea.