In 2011, a 41-year-old farmer paid 50,000 yuan for his “flash marriage” to a 21-year-old African woman, who disappeared a year later

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With the gradual circulation and development of the world economy, the distance between people can be said to be closer and closer. In the past, people could only see their relatives and loved ones with their own eyes after crossing dozens of miles. Now, even if they cannot see each other with their own eyes for the time being, they can also solve the pain of missing through video phone.For the feelings between people, they are not limited to the combination of village, township and town. People have more and more freedom to choose to go outside and have a look, to choose their own broader space.With the wide range of contacts in the world, people have more choices. Nowadays, transnational love and transnational marriage are not uncommon combinations. As long as people are in love with each other, they have long crossed ethnic groups and countries.This is not, there is a rural uncle over forty years to catch up with a wave of transnational love upsurge!However, the other party is not really in love with the uncle……The protagonist of the story is Liu Dechen, a man from Xingtai Town, Pulandian District, Dalian city. His family has been honest farmers for generations, and Liu dechen’s generation is no exception.He busied himself in the fields all day, growing grain, vegetables and fruits. His life could be said to be just enough for food and clothing.In fact, when Liu Dechen was young, like many young people in the village, he went to the big city to work for a few years, but later, seeing that he did not earn much money in the big city, he came to the age of getting married, having children and starting a family, and finally returned to the village where he had grown up.Through the introduction of the village, Liu decchen and his first wife met, fell in love, and finally married.The other is an ordinary family, after marriage, the two material life is not too big improvement, but the heart is sweet.Every day together to the field farming, evening also together back home with smoke cooking, two small world is warm and beautiful.A year later, the couple had a baby of their own.But the birth of this child seemed to disturb the peace and happiness of the family.As a newbie parents, two people since the birth of the child was stirred up every day in a terrible mess, coupled with a variety of daily small confusion between the daily life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, the husband and wife who had always been harmonious began to noisy all day.As the saying goes, a little quarrel is pleasant, but a great one is bad.And the conflict of 2 human also is as the circulation of day play more and more intense, honest liu Dechen most case as far as possible bear not to speak, but this changes the wife however aggravation.Finally, the life of the family of three was too much to go on. His wife left him with their children in anger, leaving him alone to live in an empty house.Lost his wife and children liu Dechen so far more reluctant to say more, but daily stuffy, step by step to the field weeding fertilization, enjoying their own loneliness.Gradually, a few years later, liu dechen, a bachelor, had reached his own age of 41, and the villagers privately called him “old bachelor”.This thought that the rest of his life is so lightly, but did not think of a friend’s phone, once again broke liu Dechen dusty long that heart…One day in December 2011, Liu Dechen, sitting alone at home, suddenly received a phone call from his friend Wang, a friend he had known when he was young and working outside.As usual, the two people first a greeting and to the situation of each other after the inquiry, only to listen to Wang mou in the telephone suddenly said to him, he is now living and working in Africa, not only earn a lot of money, but also went to a young beautiful African girl, life is full of flavor.When Liu Dechen heard this, his mouth was full of blessings to his good friends, but his heart was filled with admiration for the happiness of other people’s families.At this moment, Wang said, I know you are still a single person, my daughter-in-law said, one of her best friends is now living in our China, she especially hopes to marry a dependable Chinese as a daughter-in-law.We can arrange a meeting between the two of you, if you want.Hearing this, Liu Dechen felt a burst of joy and agreed to meet the African girl.Next, through wang mou this middleman, two people exchanged contact information, but also agreed to meet time.Finally arrived to meet that day, when the African girl appeared that moment, Liu Dechen’s heart was deeply attracted by the girl’s lively breath of youth.As soon as he asked the other party, he was only 21 years old. The age difference of nearly two rounds made Dechen Liu recoiled.Her name was Fatu, and she had big eyes, white teeth and, most of all, a charming, vibrant smile.Talk down the whole meeting, the young girl’s words and deeds have long been liu Dechen’s heart deeply gripped.After the meeting, Liu dechen returned home. Although he was still hesitating, he still kept in touch with Fatu.The other party was bold and enthusiastic, and repeatedly expressed her love to Liu Dechen fiercely, and expressed her desire to marry liu Dechen urgently.And the Liu Dechen that is deeply in love right now also no longer patronize what age difference, immediately spread out and law figure is madly in love.Every time they talked and met, Fatu repeatedly expressed his wish to marry Liu Dechen as soon as possible, saying that he wanted to marry him as soon as possible and live a happy life.Liu dechen’s rational and responsible attitude made him warn himself: how could such a young girl be willing to marry such a poor bachelor in the countryside?To this end, he repeatedly stressed to Fatu the difficult situation of his own family and divorced.But the African girl always shook her head and said she didn’t care, she was determined to marry him.Defeated once again by Fatou’s passion and innocence, Liu finally accepted the fact that he was “waiting for true love”.Later, the two agreed on a wedding date and planned to get married as soon as possible.France said that in accordance with the Chinese custom of bride price, but also in order to repay their parents in Africa for raising the grace, Liu Decchen had to pay her family a bride price of 50,000 over.Although the fifty thousand dollars to the small farmer Liu Dechen is not a small number, but considering the filial piety of the figure, he still through the four quarters to borrow the figure home fifty thousand dozen in the past, and then the two smoothly finished marriage.After marriage, Fatu also asked Liu Dechen to call 7000 twice for taking care of his family.She urged Him to extend his travel passport, which he did.This is thinking of the end of the event, he can finally live a safe and happy life with The map, but did not expect to get in the second morning of the extension of the passport, but disappeared.Liu Dechen quickly looked through the house and found that everything was gone, and the money had been taken.Mr. Liu quickly called the police, but it takes a long time for the police to find a person in a vast country.In this way, this thought to open their second spring Liu Dechen was finally cheated by the African girl.