Why do airlines pay billions in plane crashes rather than allow passengers to bail out

2022-05-15 0 By

Nowadays, the airplane has become one of the most common means of transportation for every family.When the journey is long and requires many transfers, flying is often the best option.Anyone who has ever flown in an aeroplane can tell you how uncomfortable it is to take off from a comfortable flight.Some people easy to panic and anxiety, and will worry, if the plane in the process of flight, failure or accident, how to do?Because of these conditions, they have little chance of survival.For all its convenience and low accident rates, flying is a safe bet.If there is an accident, the chances of survival are very small.Air disaster as we all know, often casualties are very large, and the severity of the accident is very high.Think about it, ten thousand meters high plane accident, direct crash words, the possibility of survival is very small.So many people equate air crashes with death.Because if the plane is in danger, passengers can do little but despair.Pilots, on the other hand, have a lot to do.Not only to maintain calm and take some remedial measures, but also to cooperate with the ground personnel to try to minimize casualties and damage.Many may ask why not just hand out a carry-on parachute to each passenger before boarding the plane.When there was an accident, they chose to parachute out of the plane.The truth is, airlines would rather pay out billions in damages than allow passengers to jump out of a plane.Why is that?Experts say skydiving requires professional training and is not for everyone.And parachuting is also to choose the terrain and weather, the requirements are too high, with parachuting conditions of passengers is also one in ten thousand.Passengers without professional training who jump out of the plane will have the same result, only death.What’s more, jumping out of the plane could cause secondary injuries to some people on the ground, which could cost the airline more.So they’d rather pay billions than let passengers jump out of the plane.