Baise, Guangxi Province: A total of 227 confirmed cases have been reported and 74 batches of medical protective supplies have been allocated

2022-05-16 0 By

Workers’ Daily client reporter Pang Huimin correspondent Jiang Shaoxuan on February 11, baise held the fifth COVID-19 prevention and control press conference.Luo Xuemei, deputy director of Baise Health, said at the press conference that eight new local confirmed cases had been reported in Baise between 12:00 on February 10 and 12:00 on February 11, including six in Debao County and two in Jingxi city.As of 12 o ‘clock on February 11, a total of 227 confirmed cases had been reported in China, including 198 in Debao County, 22 in Jingxi City, 3 in Youjiang District, 2 in Tianyang District, 1 in Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County and 1 in Pingguo City.There is now one asymptomatic domestic infected person.Among the 227 confirmed cases, 63 are ordinary and 164 are mild. All the cases have been admitted to designated medical institutions for treatment and are in stable condition.According to Huang Wenming, director of The Development and Reform Commission of Baise, the city quickly launched the Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19 outbreak in Baise, allocating medical supplies in a coordinated way. From February 5 to 10, a total of 74 batches of medical protective supplies were allocated to Debao, Longlin, Tianyang, Youjiang and Jingxi.There were 1.21 million medical masks of various types, 370,000 sets of protective suits, 42 million sample tubes, 10.96 million nucleic acid extraction reagents, 13.2 million nucleic acid testing reagents, 5,896 biosafety transport containers, 94,000 bottles of sanitizer and 97,000 bottles of alcohol.In addition, rubber gloves, protective masks, disinfectants and other protective materials are also timely allocated according to the actual needs of each county (city, district).