Danger!A heater caught fire in a residential area in Zhuji

2022-05-16 0 By

In the early morning of February 16, a residential fire in Zhuji, smoke billowing.During the waiting for rescue, Mr. MAO a wet towel in the room to block the door gap, opened the window for ventilation, retreat to the room waiting for rescue, the correct implementation of the “small fire run, smoke close the door” self-rescue principle.Ten minutes later, the fire was put out and the MAO family was rescued.The fire is believed to have started after a heater was placed on a sofa and left on for a long time.In recent years, heaters, “little sun” and other electric heating equipment fires occur frequently. On January 20, 2022, an electric blanket in a rental room in Zhuji was powered on for a long time and ignited surrounding combustibles. On January 6, 2021, a heating pad in a residential area in Zhuji was powered on for a long time and ignited surrounding combustibles.Xiaobian here to remind you of the safe use of heating equipment to do the following: 1, to choose national security certification, quality qualified formal sales goods;2. Avoid using the same power supply with other high-power appliances;3, do not dry clothes on the heater;To regularly check heating equipment electrical lines to prevent overheating or equipment aging;4, pay attention to the use of their own safety distance, at the same time to keep a safe distance from flammable items, to avoid burns or ignition;5, after using for a period of time, to properly turn off the power, do not power for a long time;6, before falling asleep, before going out to turn off the power in time.Finally, in case of a sudden fire, do remember the principle of “small fire run fast and smoke close the door”.If the fire is small and there is no smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and bend low to escape quickly.If the fire is large, a large amount of smoke in the escape passage spread, do not risk escape, the best choice to return to the room, close the door.Cover the door seams with a damp cloth to prevent smoke from entering, and pour water over the door to prevent fireworks from entering.At the same time, choose to shake a flashlight or bright clothes in the window to send out a distress signal, waiting for rescue, do not blindly rush out.