Queen Sa of the Qing Dynasty: pregnant after being abandoned, go home to have a son, the emperor wants to pick up, the mother: pick up the troops

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In ancient times, for many people, to get the emperor’s favor, it may be a blessing from the previous life, if can become a country, it is a woman’s greatest honor.But in history, she was such a woman, she was the qing Dynasty shunzhi years after a country, enjoy great honor and power.But, is one such make the envy of the women in the world, has suffered a big blow during pregnancy was abolished the queen, but with so big blow, she didn’t choose to abandon, but decided to leave the palace, and back, then when I come home after the emperor wanted to pick up the waste, the waste of family is hubris said: “after troops.”After seeing this, people may feel curious about the graying and determined queen. They want to know what kind of family education made her so optimistic and open-minded. Why did the emperor abolish her throne?Before we get to that, we might as well skip the circumstances of the dashing queen’s childhood.Today, I would like to introduce to you the host is Boljijit, the first empress of Emperor Shunzhi.Meng Guqing, she was horqin Zhuoliketu Prince Wu Keshan’s palm pearl, but also the daughter of The Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.Therefore, There is a very powerful force behind Meng Guqing. Meng Guqing has been living on the grassland since she was a child. Therefore, her personality is very straightforward, free and easy, and she is very real.The reason why Meng Guqing could become the first empress of Emperor Shunzhi is very simple, that is the support of powerful strength behind.In addition, the reason why Meng Guqing became empress was closely related to her aunt, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.In this way, under the joint brokering of the two parties, their marriage became a veritable arranged marriage.At that time, the empress Dowager xiaozhuang will be shunzhi Emperor and Meng Guqing together.In fact, it has a lot to do with the distribution of the state power at that time. Although the Shunzhi Emperor has inherited the throne, he does not have the so-called real power in his hands, and the real ruler behind is the regent Duergun.In this grim situation, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang felt that she and her son were at a great disadvantage, so she decided to develop her own power.In the end, empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, after much consideration, decided that her daughter was the most suitable person to become the empress, and in this way, Meng Guqing became a tool for them to fight for state power.Facing these sudden arrangement, meng antique brass heart is reluctant, after all, a woman have been raised in grasslands, accustomed to the carefree life, but all her resistance is weak, under the family’s counsel, meng antique brass and the emperor shunzhi in a hurry to complete the political marriage doesn’t have any feelings.Although Meng Guqing was a real and straightforward woman, her personality was not suitable for the huge palace, which attracted a lot of people’s disgust, which also paved the way for the event after the later dismissal.Actually, the reason can be abandoned empress, besides the disposition of two people is not quite consistent, the living habits between two people also have very big difference, because Meng Guqing is spoiled from childhood, the life aspect is more extravagant, extremely extravagant, but it is her behavior of this kind of extravagance and waste, caused the extreme aversion of shunzhi emperor.With the continuous loss of time, shun to the emperor and Meng Guqing resentment between more and more deep, cracks are becoming more and more big, shun to the emperor of Meng Guqing’s attitude has become more and more bad.Gradually, Emperor Shunzhi began his cold violence. What he had to do every day was not only to deal with the affairs of the court, but also to have dinner in the palace of other concubines and dote on them. Of course, Meng Guqing felt very dissatisfied with the various practices of emperor Shunzhi.She is born to have straightforward disposition, when facing all this, and did not like other women, choose silent forbearance, she always can seek shunzhi emperor instead, can be very angry to him.In this way, their meetings always end in a big fight.Have to say, Meng Guqing’s courage is really admirable, after all, no concubine dare to talk back to the emperor.Because of this, the quarrel between the two people to become the emperor shunzhi abolished meng antique brass queen of the trigger, even when the emperor shunzhi proposed that the waste after, opposed by many people, but in the face of all these obstacles, the emperor shunzhi seemed determined to general, regardless of any opposition, he chose to waste, reduced the antique brass meng to side of the palace’s concubines.This sudden decision made Meng Guqing, who had been treated with high dignity, find it difficult to accept, because the emperor shunzhi’s action is not only a denial of Meng Guqing, but also a contempt for her family.The unbearable Meng Guqing chose to leave the palace and return to her mother’s home. When Meng Guqing left the palace, everyone was very clear about the powerful forces behind her home. No one dared to stop her from going out of the palace.In this way, she smoothly returned to her mother’s home, in the face of all she experienced, her family had heard, for her decision also got the support of the family.However, after living in her mother’s family for a while, Meng Guqing found that her body was abnormal. She always wanted to eat something with a strong taste. More importantly, every time she smelled fish, she would feel sick and throw up.In hindsight, she found that she was pregnant, although she was full of hate to the Emperor shunzhi, but she knew the child was innocent, so after much consideration, she decided to rest and give birth to the child.But when the child is born, the emperor shunzhi actually specially sent to antique brass meng’s maiden pick up the kids, of course, this approach has meng antique brass family opposed and anger, and they hype surrounding for those who come to pick up the kids say: “if you dare to determined the child away, we will choose to send in troops, and you fight to the end.”In this way, Meng Guqing and the children are under the protection of the family. They live happily on the grassland. Perhaps, such a life is the best home for them.It has to be said that Meng Guqing’s angry departure left a thick and heavy color in the picture scroll of history, and also let us see a fresh woman who dares to love and hate.Therefore, we should be glad that we live in an era where everyone is equal, there is no discrimination between men and women, and everyone can enjoy the same rights.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!