The Fuzhou People’s Procuratorate has prosecuted Xu Dunpeng for bribery and embezzlement

2022-05-16 0 By

Xu Dunpeng, former party secretary and general manager of Fujian Branch of China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, has been indicted in Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court on suspicion of bribery and embezzlement.During the examination and prosecution stage, the procuratorial organ informed the defendant of xu Dunpeng’s litigation rights according to law, interrogated the defendant according to law, and listened to the opinions of the defender.Fuzhou city people’s procuratorate indictment charges: the defendant Xu Duipeng using as the export credit insurance company of China fujian branch business management office director, assistant general manager, deputy general manager and party secretary, general manager, China’s export credit insurance company jiangxi branch secretary of the party committee, general manager position on the convenience and benefit for others, property illegally accept others, particularly large amount;Resort to deception.If the amount of public property illegally occupied is relatively large, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated for the crime of taking bribes and embezzlement.