The distance and characteristics of long-distance running

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Generally speaking, a distance of more than 3,000 meters can be counted as long-distance running;The characteristics of long-distance running is a kind of aerobic exercise which can reflect the strong cardiopulmonary function and endurance.The specific distance of long-distance running is actually very vague, just like asking what the height of a person is.But as an athletic event, distance running can be clearly defined.The race distance of running sports can be called long-distance running there are two categories: one is on the road cross-country run (road cross-country race), can be calculated by kilometers, the usual distance from 5 kilometers, such as 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 20 kilometers cross-country race, marathon, half-horse race and other cross-country race;The other is the regular track and field events on the track and field track, that is the track and field long-distance running, its distance can be marked with meters, more large-scale long-distance running events generally have 3,000 meters, 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters and marathon these four kinds, and 800 and 1,500 meters are classified as middle-distance running.Cross-country running is generally carried out in mass sports more common, there is a certain universality, such as the New Year cross-country run, national fitness cross-country run and other sports activities, most of them are carried out in the field road in the town, the crowd is not limited to the level, men, women and children can run together, the scene is very spectacular and lively;To participate in cross-country running, as long as the designated route distance to complete the course, but pay attention to the conditions of each section of the road and the possible exposure to wind and rain, in addition to the road may be hard, runners should pay more attention to the pace of the relaxed posture, and good shock resistance shoes.General cross-country only place results, do not set up records.The long-distance running in track and field is a more formal competition, generally professional athletes or people engaged in special training on the track, 10,000 meters to run on the standard track on 25 laps, the competition process is very exciting;Marathons start and finish on the track, and the main section is on the outside road.The professional requirements of track and field race are higher. For large-scale events, first of all, there are certain requirements on the qualification, not all athletes can participate;Secondly, in track and field, the technical processing capacity of straights and curves will be faced. The plastic pavement is easier to play the level performance, so high-level athletes will wear nail running shoes.Track and field events have special records, such as provincial records, national records, sports records and so on.