The woman asks herself

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Women always have a lot of questions, constantly asking people around them, but also always asking themselves.No matter whether there is an answer to a question, a woman will feel comfortable as long as she has asked it.A woman knows everything and asks herself why?The thing can have direction certainly, then the woman is asking oneself ceaselessly, although oneself also very confused……The woman asked herself, had loved her husband, but also need her husband to do?Answer: those who want the husband is very fond of, those who want the husband to caress, the husband should create beautiful life for him, although must bear with the husband depart, gnawn the loneliness that eats midnight.But do husbands do that?Will they be home alone with their flowery wives?Lonely midnight man will be alone waiting lonely?The woman asked herself, her husband can not wait lonely, how to do the woman?A: Powerful women will give up the husband and continue to look for him. In their eyes, a husband is just a paper contract that can be broken at any time and signed a new contract with a new man.Vulnerable women will turn a blind eye, only when the child fled home, no rely on will come back, vulnerable women will still open arms to accept a few drops of “crocodile tears”, even if in life feel uncomfortable, vulnerable women will regard this as the happiness of the prodigal son.Women ask themselves, what is the line between lover and lover?Answer: if careless woman had lover, the woman does not ask lover to be rich, want him only enough handsome true, enough domineering, enough gentleness, all that can lose in lover over there is retrieved on lover’s body, feel endless dote on can, want a woman to shout stop only, lover must stop, disappear from now on in the line of sight of the woman.If unfortunately a woman does not have a lover, perhaps she would like to have a lover, but modesty stops a woman, stop the action that may destroy her life, because a woman is unable to define the boundary between lover and lover, in the end, it is often the woman who falls in love.Women ask themselves, love and money how to choose?Answer: the woman loves money to be better than oneself, in the life does not have money inch of an inch to go, for money the woman can not love oneself, be most willing to give oneself to money to do slave.However, when love comes, a woman will be unapologetically abandoned hard-won money, toward love, even if this love will make a woman’s life suffering, the woman has no regrets, just for that little favor.Need not answer already have the answer, in money and love although “bread” is very important, but without love in much “bread” also waste life.Women ask themselves, how to balance career and family?A: Women love their families, even strong women do the same. Even if their marriage fails, strong women will still treat their families well, but they no longer love the man who has deserted her.Most women give up their lives to strengthen their families because they love their men.In order to love their men, ordinary women lost themselves, no character, no personality of women like unplug prickly hedgehog, no protective barrier, perhaps one day women will be slowly corroded.How do women balance career and family?This problem really troubles women, women have no way to balance, also can not find the direction of balance.Women want to live a good life, slowly groping for the true meaning of life.The accident in the life and pull stumble make the woman entwine among them, the woman is like tenacious vine, be reborn in be injured, be injured in be reborn, again and again, come and go.