Don’t know the screen resolution?Lingyue 13 Pro invites you to experience it immediately

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For the office family that sits in front of the computer for a long time every day, it is unavoidable to use the notebook for a long time to transfer files, collect data, browse the web and so on. Having a high-definition screen in the work will play a certain role in assisting.But when choosing the screen, often can not distinguish HD, FHD, QHD, UHD these different resolutions, so similar parameters what is the difference?Don’t worry, today’s article will take you to understand in detail!How to distinguish HD, FHD, QHD and UHD?In simple terms, HD, FHD, QHD and UHD are used to judge resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen. The more pixels, the better the quality of the screen.HD stands for “high definition” and, in terms of clarity, refers to an image or video with a vertical resolution greater than or equal to 720P.FHD can achieve 1920×1080 resolution, that is, 1080P means full HD. When the signal source reaches 1080P resolution, the laptop screen supporting FHD resolution output can play a full and effective role.QHD has a resolution of up to 2560×1440, often referred to as 2K resolution, which is twice the width and height of normal HD.UHD, which represents ultra-high definition screens, has a resolution of 3840×2160, twice the width and height of normal FHD, and displays very clear image quality.From this, it is not difficult to deduce that the resolution is too important for office workers who spend a long time in front of the screen. How easy it is to use a laptop with a good screen quality, let lingyue 13 Pro reveal for you!The higher the resolution of the display screen, the better the picture quality of the screen, Ling Yuet 13 Pro equipped with QHD 2.5K HD screen, support 1000:1 contrast and 300Nits brightness, clear presentation of office document content, to avoid the details can not be seen clearly and mistakes.100%sRGB high color gamut support, make the screen color more natural, immersive experience.For a better visual experience on the screen, many products are pursuing narrow bezels.Lingyue 13 Pro also keeps up with the current demand for office laptops. It carries a 16:10 golden ratio, which greatly increases the screen area and accounts for 88.54% of the screen, making the field of vision wider. No matter browsing the web or making PPT, the visual effect is excellent.In order to better care for your eyes and reduce redundant burden, Lingyue 13 Pro is equipped with triple eye protection technology. Hardware-level anti-blue light technology certified by RHEIN Method2 with low blue light can effectively remove some harmful blue light with wavelength of 415-455nm.Color Filter optical Filter, eye protection at the same time the screen Color is not yellow;Anti-glare, effectively reduce the fatigue caused by the use of strong light, multiple protection makes the eyes more comfortable.The strong performance and heat dissipation drive the work effortlessly, it is necessary to switch between multiple software frequently in the office, if the laptop suddenly black screen, data has not been saved, the whole day’s efforts have to start all over again.Therefore, even if you choose office notebook, the performance must be extraordinary, in order to improve work efficiency, not drag back.Linyue 13 Pro optional carry 11 generation I7 standard processor + Sharp Actions ® Xe graphics card upgrade collocation, graphics card maximum dynamic frequency up to 1.35ghz, performance release of about 35W, always online performance greatly improve notebook running efficiency, so that efficient work rhythm at any time start.In terms of memory, Lingyue 13 Pro can be equipped with a maximum of 16G dual-channel large memory and 512G high-speed SOLID-state disk. The large-capacity storage combination helps office workers easily cope with large files and data, and can load all materials to obtain work inspiration anytime and anywhere.Notebook often store a large number of materials, open the use of multiple software, the lag is inevitable.To reduce the phenomenon of caton, spirit the 13 Pro in addition to providing high quality performance, cooling has done particularly pay attention to detail, will double fan double heat pipe and upgrade edition copper radiator fins, the combination of up to 142 pieces of the cooling fan, the air volume increase 60%, effectively reduce the heat brought by the core configuration in use for a long time, the moment to control the rhythm.Office workers are in a busy working state almost all day, shuttling from conference room to conference room to participate in the work discussion, at this time, the lightweight notebook is particularly important.The Lingyue 13 Pro is as light as 1.25kg and as thin as 13.9mm, which will not cause much burden even if it is often carried around.The 54Whr large capacity battery is specially prepared for people with power anxiety disorder. You can also leave the charger when you go out, and the full battery will help you to be full at work all day long.Lingyue 13 Pro is also very intimate, for the pursuit of notebook high appearance level of office people, prepared “Milky Way star trace”, “peach golden rose” two colors, the appearance design both fashion sense and sense of science and technology, scene adaptability is very strong, whether in the company or cafe use, appearance level is always online.More importantly, the new Linyue 5320, which is equipped with the new 12th generation Intel processor, is coming, now go to the official mini program, open up more new experience!In addition, this notebook also provides 2 years of original factory repair service, 1600+ authorized service outlets nationwide, to provide users with more intimate protection, more carefree campus life.You can also get the following display, mouse, adapter, backpack and other peripherals, office equipment more comprehensive, work can be more handy!*HD, FHD, QHD, UHD all information comes from Baidu Encyclopedia * Specific model and product parameters, subject to the product purchase page * Data is the starting weight and thinest point of the product (excluding floor pad height) * Golden ratio is the market’s non-characteristic description of screen ratio * Screen ratio data comes from Intel Athena measurement method,Data from Dell LABS office wants to experience the Lingyue 13 Pro more easily and quickly