Naiman banner ensures that property rights protection measures are implemented

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Strengthen organizational leadership.Procuratorial organs at all levels should take full performance of procuratorial functions and strengthening the judicial protection of property rights as an important political task at present, and pay close attention to their implementation.We will effectively strengthen research, coordination and promotion of legal and policy boundaries and work measures for property rights protection, and intensify efforts to protect and correct mistakes.Actively participate in the compilation and research of the civil Code, and promote the improvement of the legal system of property rights protection.Timely sorting out relevant judicial interpretations and normative documents, and abolishing or revising those that do not conform to the protection of property rights according to law.We should thoroughly study and analyze new situations and problems in the judicial protection of property rights, give full play to the advantages of the integration of procuratorial work, and strengthen operational guidance to the lower levels.Major criminal cases of infringement of property rights and major crimes of obstructing the protection of property rights shall be supervised by listing.The people’s procuratorates at lower levels shall promptly request instructions from the people’s procuratorates at higher levels and report to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on any difficulties or problems they encounter in handling cases.20.We will strengthen work mechanisms.Procuratorial organs at all levels should establish and improve the long-term mechanism of judicial protection of property rights based on procuratorial functions.Strengthen capacity building and team building for handling property rights cases, pay attention to training and selecting expert talents and professional backbones for handling property rights cases.We will strictly implement the judicial responsibility system, improve the system of lifelong responsibility for the quality of handling cases and the system of reverse investigation and accountability for wrongful cases.We will make inspection more open, respond to public concerns in a timely manner, consciously accept supervision by the People’s Congress, democracy and society, enhance judicial credibility, and safeguard judicial justice and authority.21.Strengthen coordination and cooperation.We will actively participate in the coordinating working mechanism of property rights protection led by party Committees and attended by people’s congresses, governments and judicial organs to form synergy.Timely report to the Party Committee of major institutional and policy issues found in handling cases.We will strengthen cooperation with disciplinary inspection, adjudication, public security and administrative law enforcement departments, and strengthen the connection mechanism between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice in the field of property rights.We strengthened close ties with federations of industry and commerce at all levels and relevant industry associations, established and improved regular mechanisms such as joint meetings, regular briefings, and joint research and research, and supported assistance for safeguarding the rights of small and medium-sized enterprises involved in property rights disputes.We will solicit opinions from deputies to people’s congresses, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, experts and scholars, lawyers, and business people to make judicial protection of property rights more targeted and effective.22.Strengthen publicity on the rule of law.We will implement the responsibility system for disseminating knowledge of the law to those who enforce it, and make it a basic task for the public to develop a sense of respecting and protecting property rights in interpreting laws based on cases and promoting the rule of law.Make full use of the procuratorial organ propaganda main land, “” two micro end, micro film, video and other media platforms, to strengthen the mainstream media, key business network and the media contact collaboration, in-depth interpretation propaganda of the party and the state to strengthen property rights (ipr) protection policy and laws and regulations and timely report the procuratorial organs work deployment, measures, progress and results.We will select typical cases of wrongful and unjust cases with major impact that have been rectified by procuratorial organs in accordance with the law, and make them known to the public in due time to send out positive signals of protecting property rights, so as to enhance people’s sense of security in property and wealth and enhance social confidence.We will promote the rule of law, create a transparent and fair institutional and policy environment as well as a public opinion environment, protect entrepreneurship, and support entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.