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The elder brother seized a house that his father left to his younger brother before his death, and even though the court ordered him to move out as soon as possible, he remained unmoved.On April 7, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily followed a judge of the Executive bureau of Beijing Fangshan Court and drove more than 90 kilometers to a village in The Puwa Nature Reserve of Fangshan District to evacuate the house.Vacate the scene, two pairs of coffins weighing more than 800 jin each were carried out.”It was for myself and my wife,” the executioner said.It is understood that the case stems from a dispute between a pair of Lee brothers who split up their families.Executive judge Cui Guangwei told reporters that both the applicant and the person being executed are over 70 years old.At 10 a.m., after nearly two hours’ drive, the executive judge and bailiffs arrived at the vacated house.The house is built on the hill in the village and is the ancestral home left by li’s father.The applicant Li Changfu and the executioner Li Changgui were waiting in front of the door early, and the two brothers stood east and west, without intersection of sight.The judge introduced that there were four brothers in the Li family. In 1984, when his father was alive, he presided over the house for several brothers. There were two courtyards divided equally by the four brothers, with the younger brother Li Changfu divided into the west room of the house involved, and Li Changgui divided into the east room.And then in 1987, the plan is to choose between brothers, brother Li Changgui chose to take 3000 yuan discount, to the hill of another homestead to build houses.According to the village committee, Mr. Li then sold the land below the mountain to someone else and bought his own apartment in the city.Since 1994, li Changgui has never raised objections to the work of confirming the right of homestead in the village.At the same time, when li’s father was alive, he went to the village committee to admit the above statement, making it clear that the houses involved did belong to Li Changfu, and emphasizing that the houses built on the newly applied homestead under the hill belonged to Li Changgui.Then, in 2019, Li Changgui funded the renovation of the east and north rooms of the houses involved in the case, and prepared to come here for the summer.Can be decorated, the two brothers in order to fight for control of the house, repeatedly change the door lock, a few times the police station.Li Changgui filed a lawsuit against his brother and wanted to return to the ownership of the house.The court ultimately ruled that he had not complied with the rules of property division and occupied the other party’s house, rejecting his claim.But since then, Li Changgui continued to occupy the east and north rooms of the house, and also placed two coffins in the north room, so Li Changfu sued his brother to the court, asking to remove the nuisance.The person subjected to execution almost removed the socket pipe brother said in the heart “finally put down” the court has heard that the act of possession of the nuisance, the possessor has the right to request to eliminate the nuisance or eliminate the danger.The house involved in the case has been confirmed to be owned by Li Changfu. Li Changgui’s continuous possession of the house has caused a disturbance to Li Changfu’s ownership and should be excluded.The final judgment ordered Li Changgui to move its articles from the lawsuit house.After Li Changgui always refused to move out of the house, Li Changfu so to the court application for enforcement.In the execution of the scene, Li Changgui did not have any resistance, the initiative to hand over the key, contact the porter.For the house that has been decorated is about to be attributed to the younger brother, he is still some angry, the requirement carries personnel inside the house in addition to the wall all items are moved empty, even the switch on the wall, socket, bulb, pipe also want to be taken away together, even put forward to do the new model steel window frame to tear down.The porter replied, “demolition can not move”, Li Changgui also asked the judge, “this is my money to install, can not take away to smash?”Rejected by the judge.The two coffins in the north room, each weighing 800 jin, were made of oil-soaked wooden sleepers and clung to the wall and door frame.It took nine people to lift it, and the huge coffin head could not fit through the narrow doorway.It is understood that most of the local young people work outside the village, the majority of the elderly.In order to make convenient arrangements for the afterlife, the local people will have a custom-made coffin and store it in their home as long as they are over 65 years old, which also means “to die in this way”.”You can’t get out without opening the door. I put the door in the coffin first.”Li Changgui in the side to persuade the porter to remove the door, and said the coffin moved in did not think to go out.Tearing down the door is bound to damage the house, hurt the interests of the applicant, but also intensify the contradictions between brothers.The judge found that the coffin, although viewed from the side in the shape of a lotus flower, was mostly at the head beyond the door frame.Then the judge directed the personnel to carry the coffin cover and coffin separately, and finally successfully moved out.With the coffin successfully removed, the execution is over.Looking at the two empty rooms, 71-year-old Li Changfu also ran out of the door and stopped the judge’s car and shook his hands tightly, “Thank you so much. Today we finally put down the conflict of more than 20 years.”The judge persuaded the old man that the brothers should put aside their differences and enjoy their old age in peace.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong intern Li Qingsong