Zhou Jiaying denied 5 penalties in a row as China beat Japan 2-1 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games

2022-05-17 0 By

One husband when shut ten thousand husband mo open!Chinese women’s ice hockey team advanced to the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games after winning two straight games to beat Japan 2-1 thanks to goalkeeper Zhou Jiayying’s 5 penalty saves on Feb 6, Beijing time.Although it was naturalized Miller who scored the winning goal, the biggest credit for China’s women’s ice hockey team was goalkeeper Zhou Jiayin, who not only denied Japan’s many threats in regular matches, but also blocked all Japanese players’ shots in the penalty shootout.After all, China is facing a Japanese team ranked as high as sixth in the world.After the Chinese team win, already in advance lock eight position.In fact, the Chinese team was once questioned when it lost 3-1 in the first game, and some even compared it with the National team. Because of the same score and the same naturalized players, many extreme netizens once joked that the Chinese women’s ice hockey team was as “dishonorable” as the Chinese men’s soccer team.However, the women’s team is not the men’s team, they quickly with practical actions to justify their name, in the following matches, successive victories against strong opponents, successfully locked up a place in the last eight.