Before dying, Liu Bowen told his son that liu’s family would have a prodigy after 9 generations, which came true one hundred years later

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If it comes to the divine machine, most people’s first reaction is absolutely Zhuge Liang;Indeed, Whether zhuge Liang’s performance in history or his description in later generations, he can be called “god operator”.But in fact, after Zhuge Liang, in the late Yuan dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty, there was also a man who had a brilliant plan. He was Liu Bowen.Liu Bowen was praised as a child prodigy, but also photographic memory, and then one fell swoop in the imperial examination into the dynasty as an official.However, Liu Bowen decided to return to his hometown because he was unwilling to disagree with the corrupt court and officialdom at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. It was also at this time that he was invited by Zhu Yuanzhang to become his advisor.Liu Bowen not only helped Zhu yuanzhang establish the Ming Dynasty, but also assisted him in governing the country thereafter.Liu Bowen often used the method of calculating the divination to measure good or bad luck, and also helped Zhu Yuanzhang to manage the Ming Dynasty in order;So Zhu Yuanzhang is also more trust and reuse of him.However, liu Bowen’s greatest prediction was that a prodigy would be born after nine generations of the Liu family when his own death was near. Sure enough, one hundred years later, Liu Yu’s appearance also confirmed Liu Bowen’s prediction.Liu Bowen was known as a child prodigy when he was born in the Yuan Dynasty, and Liu Bowen showed a talent for learning different from ordinary people from his childhood.Liu Bowen, like Fang Zhongyong and Cao Chong, can be regarded as a “prodigy”;But the other two failed to become great because of various reasons, and Liu Bowen is to break the magic spell of the child prodigy, became one of the main heroes of the founding of the Ming Dynasty.Liu Bowen was a very fast reader when he was young, and he could remember and understand the meaning of each sentence rather than simply reading.Most of his schoolmates could barely read the Confucian classics taught by Mr. Liu, but after reading them twice, He was able to recite the whole book.Originally the Confucian classics would involve some rare characters and difficult words, Mr. Liu bowen also thought that he simply memorized by rote.But to his surprise, Liu bowen could understand every sentence and put it in the right place.Liu Bowen’s intelligence was not only shown in reading and memory, he took the imperial examination at the age of twelve and passed the Jinshi examination at one stroke.We should know that the imperial examinations in ancient times were very difficult. Many scholars took the examinations countless times in their lives and might fail.But Liu Bowen was only twelve years old on a test, which shows how high his talent.As an official in the Yuan Dynasty, Liu Always scrupulously performed his duties and acted strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations.And for poor people always more a considerate and take care of, so the people are full of praise for Liu Bowen.But later Liu Bowen such upright, honest and law-abiding officials, after all, and corrupt court incompatible.So Liu Bowen is not willing to continue to indulge, he chose to resign.At this time, the Yuan Dynasty court was already in a mess, the civilians around the Yuan Dynasty has long been dissatisfied with the rule of the heart, so the voice of the uprising everywhere.Zhu Yuanzhang was also one of these rebels, though he did not lead them at first.But as time went by, Zhu Yuanzhang grasped the opportunity very well and slowly became a leader.At this time, although Liu Bowen returned home, but his “magic” title has been publicized outside, so the turbulent environment, all forces want to draw Liu Bowen, in order to help themselves.However, Liu Bowen was too smart to be easily bought by money and status, so he refused most of the invitations, because he did not think they would amount to much.Until Liu Bowen saw Zhu Yuanzhang, two people hit it off, then choose to assist Zhu Yuanzhang.Liu Bowen zhu Yuanzhang became the founding emperor from the grassroots, most of the reasons are clear, but a lot of people simply think that zhu Yuanzhang personal credit, will he too exaggerated and myth.But the fact is that if Zhu yuanzhang did not have the support of Liu Bowen and other advisors, he could hardly have declared himself emperor.After helping Zhu to ascend to the throne, Liu Bowen also stayed on to assist him in governing the Ming Dynasty.One year, there was a rare drought, the grain harvest was poor, the people suffered, Liu Bowen asked Zhu Yuanzhang to deal with unjust, false and wrong cases.Zhu yuanzhang also trusted Liu Bowen very much and handed over these cases to him to deal with. Sure enough, after the unjust case was righted, it rained heavily.When it comes to Liu Bowen, we have to mention his predictions about liu’s descendants.At that time, Liu bowen was still under the suspicion of Zhu Yuanzhang, and his death was also believed to be related to Zhu Yuanzhang and Hu Weyong.Liu Bowen called his son at the last minute, saying that after his death, the liu family’s descendants only need to live a stable life, when the ninth generation of liu will come out of a wizard.After nine generations, liu Bowen’s son also knows his father’s name and strength, so he will obey his father’s will, liu also temporarily left the central government.One hundred years time flies, Liu family nine generations passed down, really there was a celebrity – Liu Yu.Although nine generations have passed, the dominance of the Ming Dynasty has not changed;Liu Yu was also appointed as a commanding envoy of Chuzhou During the Reign of Emperor Xiaozong of the Ming Dynasty.This position was certainly not comparable to that of his ancestor Liu Bowen, but because liu Yu encountered a good opportunity, it helped to revitalize the Liu family from the side.At that time coincides with the succession of Jiajing Emperor, and he was only a vassal, so after the first major event is to establish their own followers, confidants;Otherwise, even if you become the emperor, the position could be someone else’s at any time.What emperor Jiajing did was to bestow awards on the former prominent families, and Liu happened to be among them.Liu Bowen was due to the late hu Weyong planted and Zhu Yuanzhang’s suspicion, so the reputation was damaged;Even after Liu bowen died, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered an exhumation.At this time, Emperor Jiajing restored Liu Bowen’s reputation and title, and Liu Yu, as Liu Bowen’s descendant, succeeded to his title.With his reputation restored, Liu bowen was treated with greater respect.For Liu Bowen, it was the existence of his ninth grandson Liu Yu that allowed him to indirectly recover his reputation and get the proper treatment.Summary: Many people do not believe in magic calculations, unpredictable, think that these are bluffing tricks.But a lot of coincidences, and sometimes it’s more than a coincidence.Of course, the complete belief in divination should not be, can only say that Liu Bowen, Zhuge Liang and other people have super wisdom, they can infer a lot of ordinary people did not pay attention to the small things.Liu Bowen “calculated” that his ninth grandson would produce a prodigy, but as far as Liu Yu was concerned, he was far behind Liu Bowen.It can only be said that this generation happened to restore the reputation of such things, so that Liu Yu was installed on a “wizard” cap.