Bruce Willis, 67, a tough guy who suffers from aphasia, has announced his retirement from film, his family said

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On March 31, according to foreign media reports, the family of Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis, 67, has just announced that he suffers from brain disease “aphasia” and will retire from the film industry to concentrate on treatment.Bruce Willis rose to stardom in 1988 with the Die Hard series, where he played a tough guy who impressed moviegoers around the world. He went on to star in Several Hollywood action blockbusters, including Armageddon, The Fifth Element and the Sixth Sense.In 2007, Bruce Willis was named the “20 Best Cops of all time” by TotalFilm magazine.He ranked first in entertainment Weekly’s list of the 25 Greatest Action Heroes of all time.Bruce Willis family, said: “to all blues supporters, as a family, we’d like to share our love Bruce has been experiencing some health problems, recently diagnosed suffering from aphasia, will affect his cognitive abilities, so after careful consideration, Bruce decided to pull out is of great significance to his career.”The family added: “This has been a challenging time for our family and we are so grateful for your continued love, enthusiasm and support.”This statement was finally written by Bruce.Willis’s current wife Emma, ex-wife Demi Moore and five children all signed the name.Bruce and Moore, 59, were married in 1987 but divorced in 2000.Despite this, the two are close friends and interact frequently.A few days ago demi shared a photo of herself standing in the kitchen with her ex-husband, wishing him a happy 67th birthday. “Happy birthday Bruce!Thank you for our blended family.”Aphasia is a combination of speech and language impairments that affect about one in a million People in the United States, most commonly caused by stroke.Someone with aphasia may have trouble speaking, reading, or writing, but their intelligence is not affected, but it also means that they are losing their ability to read and speak.According to a source, It’s been an open secret in Hollywood that Bruce’s cognitive decline has worsened in recent years, and he was already showing signs of being out of his depth in the film. “There were signs two years ago.Everyone knew, including the cast and crew, that he used something like embedded headphones so that he could hear other people’s promptings all the time.It’s getting harder and harder for him to appear in public.”The source added that because of Bruce’s condition, some films have had more time with a double, while others have cut Bruce’s scenes and “only shot three days on set.””Obviously he’s in trouble. He can’t act anymore.”Last year, Bruce starred in a film called “Alien Crimes”, which was unanimously described as “bad film” by both domestic and foreign critics, many of whom gave Bruce bad reviews for his “memorizing lines on a stick” performance.But after learning of Bruce’s condition, organizers of the Razzie Awards, which named Alien Sin the “worst film of 2021”, apologized on their official social media and wished Bruce and his family well.