“Mortal Story” has been at his post for 20 years, a guardian of the mountain depths

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He will turn 50 soon and this will be his 20th Spring Festival travel rush. It is hard, but I am happy to see every train passing by.Lead early in the morning just after 5 PM, Lao wu 15 workers in huangling GanZhong line station waiting so lotus tower ditch bridge construction command, with the northwest wind, the bridge of the lowest temperature can reach to 15 ℃, wind on his face and cutting, Lao wu colleagues to do some homework before sporadic preparation, activity, also be some warm up before the operation.Mr. Wu, whose original name was Wu Zhijun, started his job in 1991 as the monitor of huangling Bridge, Tunnel and Maintenance Working area of Yan ‘an Engineering Section of Xi ‘an Railway Group Company of China.His work area is responsible for huangling County, Luochuan County, Yijun county baoxi line, Ganzhong line of Bridges 41, 32 tunnels, roadbed 14 kilometers and 30 kilometers of protection network maintenance tasks.Monitor Wu Zhijun GanZhong line in check bearing (oasis – clock home village) in the past the line is the old revolutionary base areas yanan important passenger and cargo to the guanzhong plain in the land of channel, although there are now package on electrified railway, but villagers still through which along the railway lines of shaanxi travel and transporting agricultural products, so it is also a real poverty line.Every winter he and his colleagues in the railway line to break ice, snow, clean up the bridge drain hole operations, to prevent the winter line because of poor drainage ice, affecting the driving.”Command number 80410, skylight time 5:56-7:26, 90 minutes,” shouted the field guard.”Today’s task is to change the bridge ballast block, a group of three people dig the ballast, a group of two people carry the ballast block and put it well, easy to install” monitor Lao Wu shouted.Monitor Wu Zhijun frantic jumble in record check installation piece need to clear the sleeper head lateral DaoZha out, revealing a bridge on the surface, then the bridge has been blocked to unclog the drain pipe, installed after frantic jumble piece, with a fork DaoZha backfill even if the whole operation, to ensure the bridge beam surface DaoZha not outflow at the same time, ensure bridge beam surface no water, ensure driving safety.7:26 All operations completed, all personnel out of the network to return to the work area.Wu Zhijun, the squad leader, led his colleagues to deal with the gap in the closed network. “I will soon be 50 years old, and this is the 20th Spring Festival travel rush he has been working on. Although it is hard, I am happy to see every train passing by me,” Wu said to reporters as he walked.His daughter also went up the railway professional college, also graduated this year, if the smooth employment next year wench also and his service together with the Spring Festival transport, mentioned his daughter on his face with a happy smile., even after the end of homework in the morning, after a short break to rail road patrol outside environment, they also closed network renovation work, because during the Spring Festival, along the railway passengers more, in order to prevent some people out of curiosity, for train destruction into the railway closed network, affect driving safety, they either continuous inspection,Escort every train during the Spring Festival travel rush.As said in the award speech of the most Beautiful Railway Person in 2021, “They live up to their youth and make extraordinary contributions on the journey of rejuvenation.” Let’s give a high praise to every railway person who sticks to the front-line position of Spring Festival transportation.Hua Shang Bao reporter Jia Lingwei editor Bai Zhengzheng correspondent Li Xiaolong