Once handsome man in costume, from The World to The Glory of the Special War, although the supporting role but brilliant

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Yang Yang starred in the “Glory of the Special War” online, firmly on the heat list of the first, although “Mountains and Rivers Moon Ming” the word of mouth evaluation is very good, but in the heat than “glory of the Special War” also has a certain distance.”Glory of Special Battle” is a rare military-themed work in the Chinese drama market in recent years. This kind of drama once launched classic dramas such as “Soldiers Assault”, but after that, it is really rare that any work can be classified as a classic by the audience.Most of the military-themed works are often very similar in content, lacking in the sense of reality, and the setting of golden fingers leads to the distortion of characters.But the characteristic of glory is with hot style appearance, from story to the people, as far as possible do realistic ground, although Yang Yang plays the leading role of yan yue is still a soldier family background, individual operational capability is extremely strong, but there are character of short board, only pay attention to their individual skills and personal preference, but ignored the team.Yang Yang in the drama completely overturned the audience’s impression of him, not only tanned skin, but also shaved hair, which shows his determination to transform.The acting also makes people feel very representative, especially when the characters appear, they cooperate with other special forces to rescue the hostages, and they show absolute calm and rational throughout the whole process, quite like special forces members.Although the leading actress Li Yitong appeared in the early plot time is not long, but the strong aura is also impressive, it is lovely and sweet girl looks next door, but speaking and doing extraordinary bearing, in the play can also completely pressure a male soldier, will not let a person out of the play.In fact, in addition to these roles, there are a number of impressive supporting characters that enhance the military aspect of the show.In the early stage of the plot, yan yue, Xiao Yunjie and Lv Xiaotian three people in the process of nighttime missions, along with a car into the mistake exercises, and directly determine the exercise of the outcome, when the people has not come, only head through the number know this is not the victory of either party, but the victory of the three.The leader of the aura is very strong, not to be ignored, not only speak loudly, a look can let the audience feel his anger.When he faced the same strong aura of Company commander Li Xiang, but also fully able to pressure the other side of the momentum, in line with the commander’s set.Shen Xiaohai, the actor who plays the role of head of the troupe, is recognized by the audience as an actor of real strength. Although he has played many supporting roles in the screen in recent years, he has always left a deep impression on the audience because of his few scenes.In Glory of Special Battles, Shen Xiaohai’s eyes contain a variety of emotions of the characters. For example, shen Xiaohai’s eyes are obviously with recognition and appreciation when Li Xiang says to cancel his grades and not promote his position, but to be fair and just.Another standout character is Tu Zhiqiang in The World of Men, played by Shen Xiaohai for less than five minutes but becoming the most indispensable character in the series.He is not only the beginning of Zheng Juan’s tragedy, but also a good brother in the eyes of Zhou Bingkun.Shen xiaohai’s longest scene in “The World” is that he is executed while wearing a murderer’s sign. There are not many lines in the whole scene, but all the emotions are hidden in the eyes of the characters.When he looked at Chow Bingkun in the crowd, his eyes showed relief that he did not miss a fight with the chow bingkun brothers, but also came to see him off before he died.When he see the artesian water, however, is quite different mood, the couple’s relationship is more complex, the affection between them is not recognized at the time, also not promising, TuZhiQiang outpouring of artesian water have tenderness, but more is firm, let each other do not express their emotions, to avoid trouble.And when Tu Zhiqiang was shot before, his eyes also did not have any fear, but is a kind of relief, but also to the world of farewell, all kinds of complex emotions, in just a few minutes of time by Shen Xiaohai interpretation of incisively and vividly, very touching people.From This World to Glory of Special Battle, Shen xiaohai is memorable and impressive in supporting roles. After all, he is such a good actor that audiences can always remember his roles, even if they can’t remember his name.In fact, for many post-80s and post-90s audiences, Shen Xiaohai used to be a handsome man in ancient costume, and was also the white moon in many people’s hearts. In “Clever Little Don’t understand”, Shen Xiaohai played the role of Ning Wang, with a tough appearance and handsome facial features, shen Xiaohai’s costume made people look unforgettable.But in the new Silkworm, fu Yushu is more natural and unruly, and the image of king Ning is the opposite.But what lets a person impression most is “flower gu child” medium male 2 be intoxicated, the setting of this one role has memory point extremely originally, cooperate the wonderful acting of Shen Xiaohai, also let the Shen Xiaohai that is insufficient force presses male advocate to go out successfully circle, be in drama with Wang Yan it may be said minutes match one face.In addition to the more positive characters, Shen Xiaohai has also played a lot of negative images, also deeply popular.Closer to us is Jin Guangshan in Chen Qing Ling, who can tell the audience whether he is a good guy or a bad guy just from his appearance. Shen xiaohai’s interpretation also magnifies jin’s selfish greed.Evil evil spirit is mad the villain that Juan, or it is the positive image of upright goodness, can be accomplished with ease to Shen Xiaohai, and ancient outfit is modern play or it is time play, also be his specialty.As young actors become more popular and middle-aged ones become more popular, Shen has no chance to play the leading role alone, but his supporting roles are often the highlights of the screen.In “Glory of Special Battle”, although the colonel played by Shen Xiaohai did not appear for a long time, his upright posture, sharp eyes and standard military salute all enhanced the convincing power of the role. The strong atmosphere revealed in the early plot also made people look forward to his subsequent performance.Xiaohai shen Yang Yang happen to this drama stage actor, how will rub out the spark, and keeps the audience appetite and, after all, in the early drama, Yang Yang’s yan yue as a drill, let xiaohai shen’s head to remember his name, subsequent yan yue gradually grow into a soldier king, will have more confrontation with head,Let’s see if Yang Yang’s acting ability can stand the test in front of Shen Xiaohai.