Sugar friend self test blood glucose, see fasting blood glucose is good, or after meal blood glucose is good?The wrong choice could be a waste of time

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The number of diabetes patients in China ranks among the top in the world.More and more people become “sugar men” because they cannot stabilize blood sugar through daily life and have to take drugs for a long time.Take your hypoglycemic pills or insulin with you wherever you go.Such a life, perhaps let a lot of people deeply touched.And in some people who just got diabetes, there are often a lot of problems.For example, when should self-test blood sugar?Is it better to measure fasting blood glucose or postprandial blood glucose?After taking hypoglycemic drugs for a long time, some sugar lovers hope to master the changes of their condition by measuring their blood glucose by themselves.Mind you, the wrong timing could be a waste of time.Before we answer that question, let’s take a quick look at fasting and postprandial blood glucose, which many of us may find ourselves doing wrong.First, fasting glucose doesn’t mean you’re starving yourself to death.The correct approach should be to measure morning blood sugar approximately 8 to 10 hours after fasting.For example, fasting from 8pm on the first night to around 6am the next morning is a good time to measure.If the fasting is too long, it may get an inaccurate value, and may even lead to the lowest blood glucose value and large fluctuation of postprandial blood glucose, which is detrimental to the protection of blood vessels.Secondly, postprandial blood glucose should be accurately measured about 2 hours after the first bite of food, which can reflect the blood glucose level of the human body after being affected by eating, and is a constant fluctuation value.If only from the point of view of self-test blood sugar, more recommend measuring fasting blood sugar, can reflect the body’s own blood sugar levels, and postprandial 2 hours blood glucose is affected by diet is larger, if you eat a meal of high carbohydrate, high sugar food more, postprandial blood sugar impact may be relatively large.When you measure your fasting blood glucose consistently above 7.0mmol/L, diabetes is more serious.There are two possible outcomes.First, you can tell if you have diabetes, and you can stabilize your blood sugar with certain medications or other means.Second, the efficacy of hypoglycemic drugs needs further observation, and the dosage of drugs should be adjusted according to the doctor’s advice if necessary.01 Fasting blood glucose is more important, but it also has a disadvantage that it is easy to miss diagnosis.Some patients who are in prediabetes may not have too much abnormal fasting blood glucose, or even the blood glucose will not exceed the standard range after a long period of fasting.But when you combine that with a postprandial blood sugar check, you’re at the threshold for diabetes.Missed this opportunity, then want to reverse diabetes has been impossible.For some patients with suspected symptoms of diabetes or abnormal blood glucose fluctuations, it is best to combine fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose to make a judgment, and if necessary, hba1c can be checked at the hospital.Hemoglobin a1c, one of the new criteria for diagnosing diabetes, differs from blood sugar in the body in that it is relatively stable.After detecting hBA1c, the blood glucose index in human body can be mastered for 1-2 months.When hBA1c exceeds 6.5, diabetes can be diagnosed, and it has little to do with whether the stomach is empty or when blood is drawn.If you don’t know what your blood sugar level is, it’s a good idea to measure your fasting blood sugar after you wake up in the morning.Combined with postprandial blood glucose can avoid missed diagnosis.The more reliable method is to check the hBA1c in the hospital, which can more accurately grasp the changes of the condition, adjust the medication regimen and stabilize the blood glucose.2. About 200 million people in China are in pre-diabetes, how to judge whether they are or not?3. Fasting blood glucose or postprandial blood glucose, which is more important?I don’t know. Your blood sugar was for nothing!March 12, 2018 # Daily health science knowledge #