The family is having “reunion dinner”, the novice driver breaks down the door with one foot accelerator!

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The reunion dinner is an indispensable part of the Spring Festival reunion, which brings the whole family together in a happy and harmonious way. However, there are always some unexpected encounters.Recently, a family in Hunan suffered a “thrilling scene” when they were having a family reunion dinner.Recently, changde, hunan province, the street lived a family is a family reunion, busy to eat the family reunion dinner, suddenly there was a loud noise from the door, the family thought is firecrackers, who is also suspected of firecrackers so big, but see a white car broke in and into the room, the family was a face of meng stood up from his chair.It is reported that the man who broke into the house was a novice driver, the car just parked in front of the house.The man started the vehicle, may be too nervous, careless operation error, a foot throttle rushed in.Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the iron gate was smashed.Afterwards, the driver of the accident paid for the repair of the gate.In response, netizens have joked that this is to get off to a good start!This is a good New Year gift, the way to visit the New Year is very special!This year worship is really with vigour and vitality!The uninvited freeloader is here!This is the smell of rice, want to your home ceng rice, is too anxious, afraid to come late you all wash the bowl!Here we are. Eat before you go!Sit down and take a sip of wine…The novice driver broke into the door, although only smashed the gate, no one was injured, but the incident is extremely frightening to contemplate.If anyone had been standing by the door, they would have been hurt;Or if the table was close to the door, someone could have been hurt. It’s a scary way to drive a road killer.In recent years, with the popularization of cars more and more widely, the number of novice drivers has gradually increased, but due to technical incompetence and excessive tension, they often make mistakes in operation, leading to frequent accidents, and become a revered “road killer”.As the saying goes, life is not a rehearsal, not every time so lucky.Novice drivers must concentrate, be careful, calm driving, calm response.In addition, usually more practice to master some skills, is also very necessary.First of all, before driving, you need to be familiar with the driving route, know which intersection should turn and traffic lights, which road is one-way and so on.Adjust the Angle of the rear view mirror, and notice how your right foot feels to control the position of the brake and accelerator pedals.Secondly, we should pay attention to driving carefully and keep both hands on the steering wheel with undivided attention.When driving on the road, to control the speed, obey the traffic lights, rather let three minutes do not grab a second;Always turn on your lights and look in your rearview mirror when changing lanes, and always slow down when turning.Again, the road surface of the city is quite complex, we should pay attention to keep a certain distance with the car in front, pay attention to the brake and turn indicators of the vehicle in front, and prepare for it in advance.Also watch out for pedestrians and always slow down when approaching.In case of emergency, in a hurry, forget the throttle brake which is which, resulting in accidents due to tension.Finally, novice driving the wrong way is also common, once you find yourself driving a missed intersection, do not stop illegally or turn around, will be wrong, the next intersection to find the opportunity to turn over.As the so-called “prudent slow, safe life”, do not for the sake of a quick brew into tragedy, safety is the most important.