The lakers imploded, Howard mocked Westbrook for coming off the bench, And Durant focused on Gu

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One wants to make a deal, but the hand of chips others seem not too interested, but do not change, the team probability is a failure, this is now the Situation of the Lakers.There is little interest in trading Tucker and draft picks for Richardson, not to mention lakers fans who are tempted to trade Westbrook for lillard in the rebuilding Blazers, a decision that blazers management wouldn’t make if they were in their right mind.In addition to the lack of signings, the lakers seem to have a lot of problems, such as the locker room problems reported by multiple reporters, which seem to be related to why Howard was waived again.”The lakers are in big trouble right now, and the big trouble is Dwight Howard,” said an unnamed source close to the lakers.Like the last time he played with Bryant, Howard hurt the team with his playful antics, such as when Westbrook was pulled in the fourth quarter a few days ago and Howard put his arm around westbrook and joked that he might as well go straight to the bench.Howard may have meant it as a joke, but his voice certainly stung Westbrook’s ego, and westbrook reportedly walked away from Howard in disgust, causing much embarrassment in the locker room.Indeed, Howard’s personality has become a factor in his own development. When the team is on a roll, Howard is the team leader, but when the team is in trouble, Howard’s giggles and ill-timed jokes can end his career.No trade, the lakers’ internal problems, the 37-year-old has another headache.Next, let’s talk about another headache for the old man — Kevin Durant.With durant’s efforts at the beginning of the season and he abruptly to nets laid a jiangshan, but alternative durant injury, harden is injured, Owen god on god, which also makes this team now fell into the play-offs in eastern areas, more durant was the heart, harden want to go, Michael Owen in side Shouting:I hope Harden keeps his promise. I don’t know what will happen in the future.This also let the famous shaquille O ‘Neal directly scolded Irving: you should go.While Lebron’s head may be bigger than his own, Durant apparently has a better way to deal with the pressure, which is to focus on Internet celebrities.Durant’s likes have turned Sarah into an Internet sensation, and in the process, durant has set his sights higher, for example by following gu Ailing, an 18-year-old Chinese girl.Yes, durant’s aesthetic standards are as stable as ever, no matter what happens with his team, and it’s interesting to note that Gu likes to detest people just like Durant.For example, when she won the first gold medal in the Winter Olympics, some American netizens and media complained bitterly that Gu Was ungrateful and no longer liked Her. Gu also directly criticized the American media, saying, “It’s their loss that they don’t like me, and they will never win the championship.”Does that sound familiar?Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete