NO.47 Met | “Busy, is you don’t know how to comb life”

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20 years old just graduated full of confusion, 30 years old low salary want to job-hopping also do not know where to turn?40 years old facing unemployment always struggling with what to do!Learning from others is a good tool and path, and reading a book is like communicating with an author. You may get some answers from it.This book tells the story of the author’s transformation from $5,000 a month to $1 million a year over the course of 10 years.This at the same time also contains a certain success learning inspirational part, but overall relative to Jack Ma, Liu Qiangdong…These big guy will tell, his story still has certain reference significance.Through life, workplace, speech writing and other dimensions to show us a different migrant dream realization process.He can support himself and his family without working.If you can bear it, the world is your book, you can understand this middle-aged man with a unique “Beipiao” youth “spicy taste” understanding of life.He is a warm and healing radio host uncle, is also a migrant worker who has changed seven jobs, floating in Beijing for 10 years, eventually became a best-selling writer with an annual salary of one million yuan. Some people may say, “He is successful, so people will read what he writes, but it is not useful.”However, a person can achieve the dream in addition to luck, or more or less there are some methods, experience and so on worth us to learn from.✨ WRITING is like Drawing. I am very grateful to the painting teacher who once met me. Although he mentioned a point that we all know, it has an enlightened effect on me.He said: “painting is not difficult, but there is no talent to become everyone is also some difficulty, but if it is just a hobby, there is no trick, is” sketch → color outline “, the most important is to practice.① Combined with the writing skills given by the author in the book, it has to be said that there are similarities and similarities, from 0 to 1.The author says: the biggest skill of writing is just like drawing cartoons, describing the picture with words and restoring the picture with scenes.You can use smell, temperature, color, etc., as long as the scene you describe is connected to a scene from the reader’s past, the reader will be more likely to remember it.② First have an overall sketch forming, and then use “color, temperature, smell” and other media to make the article more pictorial.For example, in figure painting, the outline of the figure is drawn in advance, and then the depth of the oil color is used to show the deep feeling of the figure, so as to create a link with people’s perception.And then to writing, writing needs a framework, just like the “book logic” given by the author in the book.Such as argumentation, finding arguments, having evidence…Then according to the outline to gradually plump up the whole article, through empathy and other narration to create a certain link with the reader.Of course, this requires a lot of practice, not overnight, for example, Chinese students also need to go through four years of college “writing.”Teacher Bai Yansong has also proposed a method when he teaches students to write, that is, “300 words/day” to write for half a year before.③ Thus, it can be seen that it is important to master the writing method, and constant practice is also very important. For example, small series of reading notes, although I don’t know what to write at the beginning, how to write, but if you really write, there will be a way to write well.