The Thai couple’s relationship continues to grow as they make a joint appearance to celebrate the Chinese New Year without Sinina, 37

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The Thai couple’s relationship continues to warm up, and the joint appearance to celebrate the Chinese New Year, leaving King Sinina Maha, 37, who has been on the throne for three years, to do things as they please, there seems to be no standards at all.The most obvious aspect is in the harem, wanton to the extreme, resulting in the Thai royal family has been the emergence of negative news.The king of Thailand and Suthida continue to warm up, fit appearance to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, leaving the 37-year-old Lady Sinina.The Bangkok dynasty, once a vassal of the Qing Dynasty, was so influenced by Chinese culture that every monarch even had a Chinese name and attached great importance to the Lunar New Year.When King Maha just ascended the throne, he took Suthida to visit Chinatown and was warmly welcomed by the local Chinese.Less well known is that Suthida is half Chinese and therefore fascinated by Chinese elements.Since Maha Vajiralongkorn came to the throne, it is necessary to hold a grand celebration of the Spring Festival, even if he is busy with his holiday.It is strange to say that there are many conflicts and disagreements between the Thai king and his wife, but their affection continued to warm up during the New Year activities.Because suthida is a true Chinese Queen, she is the star of the Lunar New Year campaign, and every time she poses, she looks amazing.The 10th queen did not visit China, but wore a traditional embroidered cheongsam to express her best wishes for the Chinese New Year.Sutida always gives a person the feeling of aging, now began to take the younger line, a light pink cheongsam yan surprised four.It seems that Suthida has finally realized that good looks are the greatest weapon, and therefore no longer only care about internal beauty, but also care about external beauty, in order to attract the attention of King Maha.This New Year’s look is absolutely gorgeous. The orchid embroidery is perfect with Thai silk, which makes suthida look special.The younger Suthida is more attractive and has a deep affection for the King of Thailand. There are a lot of dark poking and prodding in the activity.After the New Year suthida was forty-four years old, already middle-aged, but not in the least aged.The appearance of the Chinese New Year activity is glowing, and the picture of the king of Thailand is warm and harmonious, so that we can see the elegant demeanor of the women in the harem.Before the public derision su tida is “bitter melon face”, embarrassed eyebrow is to increase many happy feeling more, now dress up more and more beautiful and moving however.In order to compete for attention, Suthida began to dress up and work out, and made rapid progress in just a year or two.There are many Ethnic Chinese in the Thai royal family, and Even Maha Vajiralongkorn’s grandmother is of Chinese descent, thus giving Suthida a chance to show off.When it comes to Chinese New Year, Suthida always puts on a show of Chinese origin, adding a touch of glamour to the Chinese New Year celebrations.Maha Vajiralongkorn, who has long lived in Germany, traveled back to Bangkok to celebrate the Chinese New Year.At the same time sutida also returned home from Switzerland, the King of Thailand couple small don’t win newlywed, the feelings between husband and wife must be more on a higher level.The saddest is the 37-year-old Sinina, because in the plane with Sutida grab a seat, was sanctioned by the King of Thailand.Originally thought is just a small punishment big admonish, did not expect this time the King of Thailand to move real, also let Sinina’s “harem second in command” status is not protected.Since the musical seat incident was reported by the media, Jinina has not participated in royal business, and everything has gone badly.Shi Nina painstakingly manage 14 years, just have now “river’s lake status”, did not think of a moment was defeated.Thai king couple fit for the New Year, but the 37-year-old Sinina was left, the queen had already overturned jealous.It seems that Even though she was in a semi-grounded state, she still didn’t understand the situation. In the end, she was the one who suffered.The New Year event is unprecedented, but Jinina has no opportunity to appear, and even has become a marginal concubine.Suthida is a ruthless character, quietly brought down numerous rivals in love, in Thailand’s harem is increasingly stable position.Suthida gradually gained recognition from the royal family by using her Ethnic Chinese identity to shine at New Year events.As it turned out, the King of Thailand valued Suthida more, and even regarded her as the anchor of the royal family.This Thai king “a family of three” appearance, Suthida with princess Palmer hot chat, although mother and daughter are the same age, but there is no barrier to communication.Again, Suthida’s high emotional intelligence helped, and he behaved decently in official duties, and King Maha was happy.At the age of 37, Senina’s decline made it difficult to maintain her royal status and became an example to the harem.The Thai king’s choice to spend the New Year with Suthida was undoubtedly a heavy blow to Sinina.