What SAO operation!TES vs RNG former official publicity new auxiliary, official bo fall was lambasted comments too cold

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The 2022LPL spring tournament will start again after the end of the year, and now it has come to the fourth week of the regular season. On Saturday, February 12th, there will be the third day of the fourth week, which will bring three exciting BO3 matches, respectively EDG vs WE, WBG vs FPX and RNG vs TES.Each of the three matches was interesting, especially when TES, who formed galacticos in the transfer period but performed disappointingly, took on RNG, who have been on a hot streak.First of all, the first BO3 on Saturday is EDG vs WE, which starts at 15:00 PM. Due to the huge gap between the two teams, this match actually has low expectation from the audience.EDG, after all, have been world champions and have started the season in good form, finishing top of the table with four wins out of four.WE, on the other hand, are not as good as they used to be due to the departure of their starters during the transfer period, and the fact that they have not won their first game so far reflects their predicament this season.WE struggled with Shanks this season, Beishang remained on the team but was relegated to the bench due to poor form, and the upfield duo Biubiu and View lacked strength in the CURRENT LPL.With five defeats in all, they are at the bottom of the league, and it is not hard to see how far they are from last year’s World Cup team.With the fact that WE are behind EDG in all five positions, the huge gap may make the game one-sided.After all, whether WE start with Shanks or Xi Night, it is difficult to bridge the gap in the overall strength of the team.EDG was also the overwhelming favorite by 1.07 points, according to the pre-game prediction platform, and it’s no surprise that EDG will easily clinch its fifth win of the season.The second match will be WBG vs FPX. Both teams have had more or less personnel changes this year, and FPX in particular has undergone a wave of changes.With Doinb, Crisp and other starters leaving the team and only Lwx remaining in the team, FPX managed to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive LPL this year by making a few moves during the transfer period and finding outstanding young players like Tigero and Kitagawa.While FPX’s reliance on a down-and-out dominant Carry game has been well studied by other teams over the past few games, there’s no denying that it’s a team that has the best chance of making the playoffs this season.FPX has just been rebuilt, so to be in the upper middle of the table for the time being is a surprise.FPX is up against WBG, one of the most competitive teams this season.During The transfer period, there was a lot of controversy over The introduction of Bin into The Shy, but I didn’t expect TS to really recover after joining WBG. The record of 4-1 in The previous year is enough to prove The strength of THIS WBG team.The shy didn’t break WBG’s tactical system, they still play Sofm in The first and middle stages, and if they get stuck in The first and middle stages, they will win in The later stages depending on their lineup and team fighting ability.On paper, while FPX did surprise LPL this season, WBG is undeniably the stronger side.After all, the configuration of WBG in all positions is the first-class or even the top level of the league, especially under the condition of TS warming up and Huanfeng road becoming more stable.According to the data given by the professional e-sports prediction platform before the game, it is true that WBG won the upper hand with 1.61 in this game. In the dilemma that FPX can only rely on the lower road to open a breakthrough, Huanfeng, which plays a steady way in the face of the lower road, may not be able to take advantage.Saturday’s final game is also the highlight of the week, RNG vs TES in an all-Chinese clash.Because of the bad relationship before the year, TES is also caught in the storm of public opinion, often blamed by fans, and in the off-season this period of TES is not idle, but signed a new assistant to try to make up for the team’s shortcomings.The new assistant, who was added midway through the season, was rumored to have been unable to find a team during the transfer period.TES officially announced the addition of Mark the day before the RNG game, which means that Mark is likely to be in the spotlight in the game, which will undoubtedly put him under a lot of pressure.And with Mark joining the already large roster of TES more bloated, before the game was even a netizen joked: “TES has 12 ways to play RNG.”To our surprise, although TES has satisfied the desire of fans to call for a change of auxiliary, they are still not satisfied.In response to TES ‘official announcement of Mark’s arrival on Twitter, disgruntled fans went straight into foul mouth mode and shouted abuse at the club:’ Rubbish picker, right? ‘I have to say that this comment will be very sad for Mark and hopefully he will be able to change the perception of TES fans through his performance on the court.Of course, although TES has a large number of people and a lot of momentum, but the game can only be five starters, and TES existing lineup no matter how the combination, it seems that it is difficult to beat RNG in the state of the first five games.After all, the recent left hand and a water play is not the normal level, and Xiaopeng, small day two wild players no matter who play the effect is unsatisfactory, TES problem only for one or two people may not be able to solve.On the other hand, RNG is getting hotter and hotter. With the progress of the match, Bin has found its own problems and improved through several matches at the beginning of the season. Now, after slowly integrating into the team system, Bin is playing better and better every game.Tiger as a single veteran return to their own good at the middle also quickly started, no matter from the strength of both sides of the team or recent results as a comparison, obviously this game RNG is more dominant side, from the data of the professional e-sports prediction platform before the game, it is also TES to 2.46 slightly inferior.Winning this game is so important for TES that it will affect their performance in the rest of the spring.They desperately need a win against a strong team to revive their morale after a poor performance last year, and beating RNG might lift TES out of its current slump.If they lose again, they won’t be able to make the playoffs this spring.What did the netizens think of the three games on Saturday?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.