Wu Guoying: The Benefits of dancing

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Wu Guoying: The Benefits of Dancing wu Guoying (December 10, 2016, Songzhuang, Beijing, from left: Zhao Jiezuo, Wu Guoying, Zhao Meiyang photography) ballroom dancing is a very beautiful, pleasant, physical fitness sports, strong body, detoxification health, pleasant mood, relax.In my opinion, dancing is supposed to be one of the best ways in the world, is one of the, because there is a swimming is great, especially to exercise the muscle and lung capacity effect is better, but the premise is the swimming pool water quality is better, the environment comfortable and pleasant, if added too much detergent in the water, noisy, noisy environment,It might as well have been a good dance.My memory of dancing comes from watching a ballroom dance performance when I was very young. The two dancers looked relaxed and happy, but a little arrogant, with very tacit coordination of dance steps. In addition, the range of their body movements was large enough to make their movements perfectly, which gave people a strong artistic appeal.Actually made my little heart branded with the impression that dance is the pronoun of nobility and elegance.When I grew up, one thing deeply impressed me and made me decide to learn how to dance.It was a youth League cadre meeting organized by the Youth League Committee of the Press and Publication Administration in Nandaihe. As the league branch secretary of our press, I also attended the meeting. In the evening, a beautiful girl cadre of rongbaozhai invited me to dance with her in the multi-function hall.I didn’t know how to jump at all, so I had to tell the truth and say I really didn’t know how to jump. The other person smiled and said I would take you. At that point, there was no way out!Beheading but the wind blows a hat, big deal make a fool of oneself, so hard head of head, reluctant to jump with her, can be imagined, I am very nervous jump with her, jump most of a tune, stepped on a few people’s feet, hurriedly came down.This made me feel very embarrassed, also feel very humiliated, so made up my mind to learn social dance well.After a period of time, with the consent of the leaders of our publishing house, in the name of the League branch, we invited two teachers to the publishing house to teach us ballroom dancing.The reaction was surprisingly good and it turned out to be a great success, and everyone fell in love with dancing.Since then, after lunch every day, we will put music in the conference room, open posture, one two three four practice for a while, from unfamiliar to skilled, from skilled to improve, this activity has been continued for many years, I believe that everyone’s health and energy, improve work efficiency, are very beneficial.In those years popular kind, it is a kind of fashion, many upscale places often have all kinds of party, like Beijing hotel, cultural palace, two temple, and so on, labor people’s cultural palace unit colleagues are generally ensemble demonstrated using their relationship, make some tickets, greeting each other after work, and together,I got on my bike and went dancing.After the popularity of ballroom dance, international standard ballroom dance was introduced, which is a more standard, more elegant, but more difficult competition ballroom dance.I also signed up for a few classes in those days, such as the east city cultural center, the West city cultural center, chongwen district cultural center ballroom dance class hope to improve their level.However, just as someone summed up, ballroom dance provisions of the movement is more strict, the need for a relatively fixed partner to enjoy the long-term practice, it is possible to progress faster.However, it is almost impossible to find a suitable partner, because two people need to be close in age, height, love and understanding of dance, but also have time and energy to practice together, which is too difficult.Things have changed, and ballroom dancing seems to have gone out of fashion these days.Seems to be gradually marginalized.My experience is that tango has a strong sense of rhythm, clear and lively, with short and powerful steps. It is a dance with great tension and strength.When I was studying in Dongcheng Cultural Center, Mr. Sun Junhui (the winner of the international standard ballroom dance championship that year) required us to bend our legs slightly. After the right knee was retreated, some of us were close to the inside of the left knee fosse. We walked with short and strong steps without any ups and downs, and were clean and neat.Waltz is recognized as the king of dance, elegant and romantic, beautiful stretch, step length, there are a lot of ups and downs, constitute the waltz elegant, elegant and beautiful dancing rhythm.Waltz music melody also has a whirl of momentum, dancing with the music, around the rotation, stretch waist, as if wandering in the romantic music palace, that feeling, only place yourself among them, to experience.Speaking of fast three, it’s one of my favorite dances.Its rhythm is cheerful, the atmosphere is warm, the dance is relatively simple, basically is left and right turn, but it also needs skills, two people match up to jump well is not easy.It is not uncommon to see a pair of wrestlers who jump three fast steps on the court, as if they were fighting, twisting and turning, stumbling and wobbling, indicating that the dance is simple but not easy to master.If lucky enough to meet a partner with a more tacit understanding to dance, large rotation, fast rotation, following the rhythm of the music, really like flying on the dance floor, can be regarded as ecstasy.But this dance physical consumption is relatively large, in the summer, a fast three jump down, will be sweating, steaming, go back to a hot bath, is absolutely refreshing!Speaking of Beijing Pingsi dance, the name of the dance has taken the word Beijing, the birthplace of course is Beijing, Beijing people dance with a more relaxed and familiar, relaxed posture.The rhythm of pingsi is cheerful and relaxed. The footstep is four or four beats, but the hand style is endless and dazzling. It is really colorful and diverse.Really want to admire the smart Chinese, the other people’s western elegant social dance, take for my use, become an excellent way of fitness keeping in good health.Social dance to the Hands of the Chinese, suddenly mushroomed many endless variety, not only that, but also derived from many new dances, some of which you may have never heard of, such as: three step, jump four, fast three pull flower and so on.Do not think ballroom dancing is difficult, it is not as complicated as you think.You can go to fancy, expensive dance halls with fancy decorations and bright lights, or you can go to parks, community squares, open air square ballroom dancing.In my opinion, the open air square ballroom dancing has good air and free space. In addition to almost zero cost of time, it is quite a good way to exercise.Don’t think dancing is very easy, it can go into the door, a small harvest, gradually increase, the need to constantly practice hard and savvy, including understanding of the music rhythm to master, understanding of the characteristics of different dance, for your body shape control and transformation in the movement, have very big deep space to study, to learn and master.Rome wasn’t built in a day. People who dance well and comfortably have been in it for many years and have improved bit by bit.I love ballroom dancing, and I’m thankful that I could learn such an activity that combines fitness, exercise and socializing in my lifetime. In fact, this is one of my daily lessons, because drawing and sitting for a long time are not healthy (it is said that sitting is the closest way of life to death).Dance for an hour every day, not only activity of the waist, but also enjoy the music, but also happy mood, why not?Traditional Chinese medicine is said to tell both men and women to walk on tiptoes, or not tiptoes, to strengthen kidney function.If you are at home, count, do a dozen, dozens of toe movements, I’m afraid you have felt tired of the line, but in the dance floor, dance with the rhythm of music, unconsciously, you have done I do not know hundreds or even tens of thousands of toe movements, will not feel tired.Compare, such fitness effect is not generally good?My dancing history is not short, and I have been to many places, including the grand ballroom of The Beijing Hotel, the Palace of Nationalities ballroom, the Second Hall ballroom of the Working People’s Cultural Palace, in Qingdao, Xi ‘an, Chengdu. I also want to go out to inspect the situation of square dance and social dance.I have danced in the ballroom on the first floor of Sheraton in Loranquin, Los Angeles. When I was in Vancouver, I also volunteered to teach my sisters and brothers in Beijing hometown Association to dance the simple slow three-step and slow four-step dance.It is exaggerating to say that when I went from Chongqing to Wuhan by boat through the Three Gorges, I also used to dance in the ballroom on the ship, stepping on the rhythm of music and dancing with the rocking and rolling of the ship. It was really a magical experience, basically the feeling of walking on cotton.One good thing about ballroom dancing is that it can be both high and low.You can simply take the most basic steps, just follow the music, or even just walk.If you want to get better at it, if you want to get better at it, you’ll find that the levels are deep, almost unfathomable.You can take the time to study, search the Internet for relevant videos, articles, to learn, experience, imitate, practice.Add some challenging poses and do some body training.Go getting high again, can also go to some dance training class, class, or even dance academy of some popular classes, and so on, constantly improve on the difficulty and deep depth, as the body stretch, modelling action in place, you will find the charm of ballroom dancing, is a kind of body and mind, of modern influence, and the improvement of aesthetic modelling is a fit,It is also a lyrical display of the dancer’s spiritual and emotional world.Is now a trend, some prescient dancers, gradually put some higher difficulty of more beautiful ballroom dance movements, especially the modelling, incorporated into dancing, also called standard dancing, than the average old-fashioned raised a social dance class, improve played a big role to the popularization of social dance.It is of great practical significance to encourage everyone to have a social dance. In this era when the whole society is playing mobile phones, watching wechat and playing games, and in this age of eating and drinking and being lazy at home, it is of great practical significance to keep your mouth shut and move your legs.My personality is more wooden, more stuffy, especially in a group of unfamiliar strangers in the environment, more not love to talk, shrink themselves, do not want to show.But dancing can let me release my inner emotions, forget my troubles in the rhythm of music, dance, sweat, take a comfortable hot bath, the whole person look new again, dancing, can be my best friend and partner!”Dance low willow floor xinyue, song all peach blossom fan bottom wind”, the ancients for life and life of the cognition seems to be deeper than us, calm.I have always felt that the two Song, Ming and Qing dynasties literati lifestyle, is the most worthy of reference and imitation, reading, playing the piano, writing, chanting, singing and dancing life.We live in the present life, should be less material on the pursuit of comparison, live more relaxed, free and easy, simple, healthy.Let your life can be healthy, easy to enjoy the endless fun in life.So, let’s all dance!The author of this article is contemporary surrealist painter Wu Guoying (April 18, 2010, silent view, Wu Guoying)