“Loving Mother” to send warmth, little drops are love

2022-05-20 0 By

The Spring Festival eve, district women’s federation, district Red Cross association area public welfare association happiness “mother love” volunteer service into the shadow of township, town west pool to carry out the “love home Send warm winter vacation “volunteer service activities, is sent to a pair to assist children New Year greetings and best wishes, let the children really feel the love from society.Activities, although the weather was cold, but it did not stop volunteers service enthusiasm, volunteers with sympathy, entered the pair to assist children in the home, talking to the children warm, understand their study and life situation, and on new clothes, new age package caffeine arts, at the same time, encourage the children to keep optimistic attitude, enhance the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties,Study hard, with the help and care of the Party, the government and all sectors of society, we will be able to welcome a happy life.The love and care of the volunteers made the children in pairs feel warm in the cold winter and brought them hope.Individual strength may be weak, but when combined, it can burst into extraordinary power.In the future, the district happiness Public welfare Association will continue to strive for social forces, carry out various forms of volunteer service activities, the truth and care to more children in need of help, care for their healthy and happy growth.