Lyon are going to roll over tonight?

2022-05-20 0 By

Lens, who arrived in France as a promoted club last season, ended up as the dark horses to finish seventh, had it not been for the drop in points to become the sixth largest league in the world.7 lance was also can mix in a uefa cup qualification, but the team did not like the traditional promoted a flash in the pan, season longs the war enthusiasm, the location of the team are still seventh, sixth European theater only 1 points from, now longs smack of newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger, and any team can only attack,Eph method and jose contribute 14 goals for two people,, and when he was two no frick, also can take out, now longs to kick very integral, the visiting team is the ligue 1 giants Lyon team, after this season without the DE peja offensive capability decline obviously, now is worse than the home side scoring more, this is point to the survival of the team,The top scorer at the moment is Dembele, not as good as Depay, although the team is fifth in the league, but there is no bright spot.WL initial refers to 2.8-3.5-2.4, pro refers to 2.8-3.5-2.4, a guest let the second zone pay, the visiting team in the ultra-high point position, Lyon compared with Lens at present points only 1 point lead, and this more than half of the season, the points are basically the strength of the body, just in front of the confrontation lens 114 in the absolute disadvantage just,That will only add to the pressure on Lyon, the giants of the game, but the visitors continue to be favourites at the top of zone 2 and the home side are in the driving seat.1000 yuan plan: 800 conceded to tie half home team, 200 scores 2-1, 2-2