The Municipal Social Security Fund Collection and Payment Center takes the “Internet + Social Security” as an opportunity to continuously improve its handling service level

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Since this year, the municipal Social security Fund Collection and payment Center has continuously practiced the development thought of “people-centered”, vigorously promoted the new mode of “Internet + social security”, optimized the business process, improved the quality of social security team, improved the service level, made the social security management more efficient and convenient, and brought intimate service to the city’s insured people.Internet + social security, the less running errands in order to further promote the city people’s government affairs service online depth fusion, vigorously promote the “no”, to extend the effective solution to the long-distance business “more run” “running back and forth” plugging some difficult problems, such as center should introduce the net business hall to deal with, to achieve “a window”, “one network”, “one-off” to deal with.At present, network hall business sub-personal affairs 43 items;The unit works on 30 items, realizing the online printing of endowment insurance certificate of each insured unit, industrial injury, unemployment insurance and individual urban workers’ endowment insurance, online inquiry of urban workers’ participation in endowment insurance, industrial injury, unemployment insurance and payment status, declaration of increase and decrease of personnel, declaration of payment base,Transfer of personal information query, protect capture proof print and endowment, inductrial injury, unemployment benefits business is dealt with as well as the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees to transfer, the basic old-age insurance agencies and institutions and the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees transfers, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees and basic endowment insurance transfers between urban and rural residents.At present, more than 9000 insured enterprises in the city can handle employees’ new insurance, insurance renewal, insurance termination, unit wage declaration and annual payment base declaration through the network office, and unit information modification declaration. Since the launch of the introspective centralized system, more than 55,000 people have handled business online.The Center has continued to deepen the reform of “delegating power, regulating and providing services” in the field of human resources and social security, focusing on building a service-oriented government by taking multiple measures simultaneously, streamlining the handling materials and optimizing the handling procedures, so as to provide convenient, high-quality and efficient services to insured enterprises and the masses.The center actively responds to the purposes and requirements of the implementation plan of “Quick Action” of provinces and cities, and implements “all related matters”, “high frequency matters”, “simple matters”, and “inter-provincial matters”.Applications for the transfer of basic old-age insurance for urban workers will be processed within 15 working days, up from the previous 45 working days, and the deadline has been increased by more than 50 percent.Introspection centralized system since its launch, has realized the social insurance individual rights record query for transferring printing, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, the basic old-age insurance agencies and institutions and the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees transfers, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees and transfers between urban and rural residents basic endowment insurance, personal social security coverage to prove enquiry certification coverage of social security printing, printing.Social insurance is an important livelihood work that concerns thousands of families.How to dredge the blocking point, solve the difficulty, eliminate the pain point, do not let the masses have anger, anger, doubt, has become my center to strengthen the style of construction, enhance the management service ability and level of an important point.In order to effectively improve the service level of the city’s social security management, the center rearranged and redeployed the window style construction and formulated the self-examination and self-correction work plan. The bureau’s responsible leaders and the center’s responsible persons went deep into the front line to carry out the investigation of the blocking points, difficulties and pain points of the social security collection and payment business.In view of the problems found, our center comparison item by item, to carry out all-round, multi-form, three-dimensional rectification, improvement.Through comprehensive investigation and rectification, comprehensive dredge service blocking points, difficulties and pain points, truly do with all one’s heart and soul to deal with every business, good service for every insured people.To strengthen learning and reduce the number of complaints from the public and improve the level of service, we should not simply stop at slogans, but also have concrete actions and the ability to keep learning.The center insists that all staff in the center will be led by the bureau’s leadership to carry out ideological, political and business study at weeknights or weekends every week, and organize training and competition activities for all staff.In addition, also actively explore the establishment of “social security collection and payment lecture hall” or “social security business discussion”, set up a normal learning mechanism, become an important starting point to enhance the professional skills of all cadres and workers, to create a learning-oriented service window.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: