The vicissitudes of life?Engaged in hometown experimental primary school sinology education curriculum second cousin

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The second cousin of my great uncle’s family is dignified and capable.From the kindergarten began to set up a grand ambition: today began to take a pen to write life without leaving the pen, I believe that with it can describe a better life and a happy life in the future.It is when women read.Hard work hard to learn cultural knowledge, early yue from the face of the loess back to the sky of the country boring hard years!”When I meet an old friend in another country.”Life 2 great happy event all let two cousin meet!After success in the college entrance examination, he was admitted to the Provincial City Institute of Education, during which he met a handsome boyfriend, whose father was the director of the local education and sports bureau.Time is like a song, the story of life is difficult.The second cousin and her fiance were assigned to teach in the first primary school of the village. Two years later, on the Laba Festival, a grand wedding ceremony was perfect!The third year gave birth to a girl, originally happy life and all the best family, with the birth of the child has become restless!The end of the holiday, the child’s upbringing became the mother and daughter-in-law war to shield the fuse…!My mother-in-law opened a supermarket in her vacant house in her hometown. We have busy business every day. We have an 80-year-old woman at home and a girl in junior two..There are two vegetable greenhouses in her family. She is busy planting and selling vegetables all the year round and cannot help raise her children.Thought of spending money to take care of the nanny with children, when I saw the network rupp children incident multiple, so I gave up this idea!All helpless, resolutely choose to resign, home professional parenting daughter life….Such as daughter full 2 years old that day, cruel to the private kindergarten open study career…Second cousin to be liberated, return to campus teaching!Because of this one family ordinary trifles, to the second cousin left a lifetime never erase the shadow of contradiction!Between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are like strangers, do not communicate with each other on the best days of the Spring Festival, let her husband and children back to her husband’s home for the Spring Festival, her fox alone stay home life….In ordinary life, the second cousin and relatives and friends chat talk, was a respect for the old know en will be reported and other Chinese culture education…!Chinese millennium Sinology culture and education should be learned and put to use for the people to create wealth!Useless show, get out of the way, the world should be a better place.