Jinta: Promote the construction of high-standard farmland to create a beautiful countryside

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Golden Pagoda in March, warm and cold.But in jinta County gucheng village high standard farmland construction project qianmu seed production industrial park, is a busy scene.Farmers are busy putting on “armor” on their fields, and the construction of steel arch shed is in full swing.At present, in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Jinta County has taken multiple measures to promote high-standard farmland construction projects in order to help spring farming production and not miss work hours.It is understood that since the start of the industrial park, in order to seize the golden period of project construction, the township to overcome difficulties, refine the work content, accelerate the construction process, to ensure the completion of the park construction on time and quality.According to The jinta County gucheng village gucheng Village party general branch secretary Fu Qin zhang, last year built 50 steel arch shed to double the income of farmers, this year taking advantage of the construction of thousands of acres of seed production industrial park “dongfeng”, they plan to expand the steel arch shed to 200, all kinds of watermelon, melon and other efficient seed production, continue to promote agricultural income,And supporting the construction of irrigation canal system, trading area, green belt and other infrastructure.Ancient urban and rural Ancient city village Thousand mu seed Production Industrial Park construction in full bloom Ancient urban and rural ancient city village high-standard farmland construction project Thousand mu seed production industrial park is an epitome of jinta County high-standard farmland construction project.How to make use of limited resources and continuously improve the utilization rate of land?Jinta County, by means of measurement and publicity, merging and leveling, exchanging and combining the land, gathered the “palmhand land” into the “whole field”, effectively consolidated the canals between some small plots, and expanded the cultivated land area, realizing the “win-win” goal of improving agricultural quality and efficiency and increasing farmers’ income.Jinta county in recent years, through scientific planning, overall coordination, combined with the practical exploration for “one field, small and the earth” construction mode, idle, small fragments of field will farmers into big machine-cultivated land, land leveling promoting land circulation, land circulation to promote the scale management and scale management promote the development of agricultural industry.Through comprehensive improvement of water, electricity, roads and networks, we will further consolidate modern agricultural infrastructure and truly form a new pattern of agricultural modernization.From 2019 to 2021, the county invested 112 million yuan to build 68,400 mu of high-standard farmland, including 58,600 mu of high-efficiency water-saving farmland.It is understood that this year, Jinta County will complete the construction of high-standard farmland area of 100,000 mu, in succession in land transfer concentrated contiguity, industrial development better in the Middle East town, Dongba town, ancient urban and rural areas, Xi Ba town, Dingxin town, aerospace town and other 6 towns and townships of 12 villages implementation.Upon completion, the project will greatly improve the agricultural production environment, promote agricultural modernization and provide a strong guarantee for rural revitalization.Correspondent Cao Fujun photo/Article disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn