LPL Spring Preview: Theshy play ZS, WBG shock six straight wins!EDG against FPX

2022-05-21 0 By

February 18, 2022, Beijing time, league of Legends LPL spring season regular season fifth week, super game day is back again.On this day, LPL will bring three matches to the Internet.They are RA vs LGD, WBG vs UP and EDG vs FPX.Game 1: RA VS LGDRA Starters: Cube, Leyan, Strive, iBoy, yuyanjiaLGD Starters: Fearness, Shad0W, Jay, Eric, JinjiaoRA have continued their recent struggles and are on a five-game losing streak.In addition, Leyan, a wild hitter who had a good performance in the beginning of the season, has also started to show his inconsistent form in the last game. With iBoy’s poor performance this season, RA can be described as worse.However, in this match, RA will face LGD, which also has a poor performance. Maybe this match will be the best chance for RA to end its losing streak.Judging from LGD team’s starting list, YeG, a medium player who did not perform well in the last match, is on the bench, and Jay, who has been absent for a long time, is in the starting lineup. It is believed that LGD team is trying to find a way to win by changing the team.However, LGD has a lot of problems in terms of lineup selection and team cooperation in addition to the status of players.So, they are just as desperate as RA for a win to regain their form.Game 2: UP vs. WBGUPFrom the overall performance of Theshy, SofM, Angel, Huanfeng and ON this season, the ups and downs of ZS and H4cker seem to have become their “heart disease”.Meanwhile, UP’s operational problems in the medium term have not been solved until now.In recent matches, UP suffered two consecutive defeats.Now they face WBG, who just beat EDG.If they still don’t make big changes, they’re on their way to another three-game losing streak.How scary is WBG without doing anything?Believe in the last game they and EDG showdown, there have been many people to see.WBG, who have now won five games in a row after beating EDG, believe their form will also be dreadful.So, WBG should be able to handle the game with ease, as long as they don’t make any outrageous mistakes against UP.Game 3: EDG VS FPXEDG Starters: Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper, MeikoFPXXiaolaohu, Clid, Gori, Lwx, HangEDG were knocked unbeaten in their last match, but a loss might make EDG even scareer.Meanwhile, Scout, a single player at the world championship, had a lackluster performance in her last tournament.So whether Scout can stage a comeback will be one of the biggest things to watch.FPX, who just ended their losing streak in the last race, now face EDG.In this match, in addition to the duel between Clid and Jiejie in the Replay World Series, the duel between the two world champions ADC player Viper and Lwx is also quite anticipated.Also, Clid and Lwx’s performance will be the key to this match.Finally, guys, which three teams do you think will win the game?