Ma Bo investigated the planning of beautiful villages and rural road projects

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On February 17th, district party committee, deputy secretary of the district Ma Bo research the original states peng fort town, head camp town in 2022, the beauty of the planning and implementation of the habitable village industrial park road project planning and preparation, has asked the responsibility department in strict accordance with the requirements to be a beautiful village planning, reasonable layout, adhere to the problem oriented, combined with the actual each villages and towns and development needs,We will accelerate the development of a beautiful countryside.Ma Bo successively into peng peng fort fort town village, HeDong Village, HuiDe, nitrate ditch village, village head camp town MaZhuang Village, tao chong village, is the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, beautiful livable rural water restroom transformation of village project planning, household road, industrial park road hardening, street facade modification such as the concrete issues on-site information supervision, detailed understanding of the project preliminary design and preparation.He stressed that the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment and beautiful livable construction is the key strategy of rejuvenating rural village of a set of “combination”, to build a better, more to manage, maintain good, must be in strict accordance with the basic principle of high standard construction, for the planning and design for the construction of the content of repeated proof research, living use the project funds, the street facade to combine environmental regulation,Heavy-handed rectification of stubborn diseases, demolition of disorderly construction, cleaning up disorderly pile, fill up the road green plants, unified store plaque, to create a clean, neat, beautiful town market;Beautiful livable rural construction should fully combined with the actual, the villagers in toilet water, household road hardening, conversion of beautify the yard, the village lane road maintenance, reconstruction of sewage pipe network problems such as priority, leisure square, and other infrastructure around the function the principle of practical, scientific layout, rural revitalization of solid step for long-term planning.At the site of the road project from East of Pengbao Town river to Pengbao Industrial Park via Houmo and the road project from Huide to Jiangkou Industrial Park, Ma Bo made a field survey of the planned route of the road in the park, and conducted on-site demonstration on the distribution and construction scheme of the road in the park.He points out, peng fort town is a cold vegetable town, park road transport of direct relationship between the production production, route planning must highlight the convenient and efficient, construction must highlight the practical, durable, be convenient for agricultural production, and focus on the peng fort town for the long-term development, various project related responsibility unit, must, in accordance with the established time limit, improve the planning and design, to seize every minute,The determination to overcome difficulties into the construction stage as soon as possible, for the district’s high-quality social and economic development to play a positive role.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: