Test drive the new LYNk 01 more complete engine more mature design more surging power

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Three years ago, I had the privilege of playing lynk 01 in depth when it first came out.At that time, lynk brand was just established, and the name 01 was not only used for their DiYI products, but also represented the diYI step of Lynk in exploring the high-end road of Chinese brands.Moreover, at that time, the overall product performance of LYNk 01, no matter in the same level of independent brands or brands, is also one of the two.In the three years that passed, LYNk, holding Geely and Woerwo as the bottom card, has undoubtedly become one of the models of Chinese brand soaring.From SUV+ sedan, fuel car + electrification, to high performance + winning the race, and then to CMA electrification module architecture, LYNk in just three years through one after another unique personality label, the pursuit of fashion trend of young consumers one by one.Take Lynk 01 for example, it has gained 180,000 + users in three years. Although the number is not amazing, it has transformed from “nobody recognized” to “some people bought” and then to “popular”.Another way to think about it is that in the domestic SUV market of 150,000-200,000 yuan, there are numerous fierce competitors, but lynk 01 still gets a lot of consumer recognition, which proves that Lynk has something in his stomach.But lynk 01’s goal is much bigger than that, and 180,000 over three years isn’t the most satisfying answer for them.So this time, Lynk 01 is new, and its Zhongji goal is to challenge those joint venture powerplayers.03+05=01 Don’t get me wrong, the subtitle must not be seen by the flowers of the motherland, because from the point of view of elementary school mathematics, this juedui is a “poor student” equation.But if you put it on lynk 01, it makes sense.Because the 2021 LYNk 01 all-wheel-drive Dark edition has the power output of 03+, also has the chassis configuration of 05, but hands are holding the steering wheel of 01.It’s the biggest 254 horsepower, the biggest 350 nm torque, and the Borgwarner all-wheel-drive system, so the lynx 01 has an official speed of 6.7 seconds, which, let alone the actual number of seconds, is enough to make other competitors in the class jealous.Start switch movement mode, the former diyi thing brought g 01 throttle response is more sensitive than the old one, while in this mode to feel is more stable, while maintaining high speed gearbox, dropping gear is also a more positive, plus hale and tenacity of the chassis, led g 01 overall dynamic performance like cristiano ronaldo is on the pitch, flexible enough and full of strength.But when switched to economy and comfort mode, the lynk 01’s turbo intervention is a bit dull, and the overall driving style is more restrained.At the same time, in the above two modes, the steering feel and chassis Settings of 01 are not much different from the sports mode. In my opinion, as a model preparing for all the joint venture competitors at the same level, it can present obvious personality split in the driving mode, which is easier to be scored by young consumers.However, it is worth mentioning that the new LYNk 01 will be fully equipped with 2.0t +8AT powertrain, and the low-power version of the T4 Evo can also have the largest 218 horsepower, which is undoubtedly a benefit for the young people who are greedy for speed and passion.Overall, the dynamic performance of the 2021 Lynk 01 May not be to everyone’s taste, but the Juedui is a must-have for sensation-seeking youngsters.Combining the dynamic advantages of 03+ and 05, LYNk 01 not only outshines the masses among its own brands, but also outshines many of its joint venture competitors, making it impossible for “latecomers” to refuse.The appearance of 2021 LYNk 01 has little change. After all, the design style of Lynk family has been recognized by more than 400,000 users. While maintaining high recognition, it also proves the success of this appearance level.Only a few details have been optimized, such as the more aggressive front bars, the dark version of the full HEI body treatment, exposed bilateral double exhaust, these highlights will make the new LYNk 01 to create a more layered and sporty feeling.Into the car, the overall style to lynk 05 close, a change in the old slightly moderate style.However, appearance is not the key point, the top match is only 201,800 yuan of the new LYNk 01, almost to the consumer all the superior configuration.Leather directional disc heating, light flow atmosphere lights, automatic anti-glare mirrors, main/co-pilot seat heating and ventilation, electric rear door, 12.3-inch full LCD meter, Harman Infinity sound, 360° panoramic video and more.At the same price, who can do it?Of course, it’s the L2+ level self-driving assistance that’s the most valuable.In practical road use, the new LYNk 01 can assist the driver to follow the target vehicle ahead to keep driving in the center of the lane automatically under the speed range of 0-60km/h, without active operation of direction, throttle and brake.This point is often stuck in the road for people, is undoubtedly a kind of physical and mental relief.Even more commendably, LKA functionality has been upgraded again.It can identify irregular obstacles such as curb, green belt and pile bucket in addition to lane lines.When the car drifts towards the edge of the road or an obstacle, eLKA intervenes more actively to help the driver get back on track.After test-driving the first 2021 Lynk 01, I can sum it up in two words — it’s worth it.With a price in the early 20s, you can not only get rich and practical configuration, but more importantly, you can enjoy lynk engineers for 01 attentively tuning.Maybe you think lynk 01 is exaggerated by me, so I can tell you responsibly, if you don’t want to go with the flow, more don’t want to “greasy”, then you can test drive all models in the same level one by one, the last try, your heart will have the right answer.The event will run from February 11, 2022 to February 13, 2022