This is a game Chinese fans can’t miss!Kick-off at 22 o ‘clock in the evening, the women’s football team ushered in the key battle for the championship

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China lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the round of 12, triggering criticism from the outside world.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, The Chinese men’s football team once again gave fans across the country a hard time.Although the men’s football team is not good, but the women’s football match is worth looking forward to.The semi-final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup will kick off at 22:00pm On Feb 3, Beijing time, with The Chinese women’s soccer team taking on former World Cup champions Japan in a match Chinese fans should not miss.Perhaps the Chinese women’s soccer team, led by Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali, will give Chinese fans a New Year’s gift.Especially in the case of men’s football, women’s football this game will be more exciting.Both the women’s team and Chinese football needed this victory to make it to the Asian Cup final and make up for the pain of losing to Vietnam.It is worth mentioning that the Chinese women’s football team’s opponent was Vietnam in the quarter final.Though China conceded the first goal in that match, goals from Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali helped China come back to advance to the semifinals and qualify for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.However, it was definitely a tough match against the Japanese women in the semi-final.In my opinion, there are at least three aspects to this match.In the history of the Asian Women’s Cup, The Chinese women’s football team is undoubtedly the biggest winner.In history, The Chinese women’s football team has won the Asian Cup eight times, the most times.In addition to the Chinese women’s national team’s eight victories, the Second most won by the Korean women’s national team is only three, five times behind the Chinese women’s national team.But it was 16 years ago that China’s women’s team, led by Ma Xiaoxu and Han Duan, beat Australia on penalties in the final to clinch the team’s eighth title.At a press conference before the match, Coach Shui Qingxia was full of confidence, saying that Japan is a strong Asian team, but China’s goal is to win the team’s ninth championship.Secondly, whether The Chinese women’s football team can end the losing record against the Japanese women’s football team and win the 9th championship in the history of the team is not so easy, the Japanese women’s football team is the opponent that The Chinese women’s football team must overcome.In recent years, The Japanese women’s football team has made history by winning the 2011 Women’s World Cup.You know, that year’s strongest sonorous rose also failed to touch the World Cup champion.Japan has also won the past two Asian Women’s Cups.At the same time, it should be pointed out that with the rise of The Japanese women’s football team, The Chinese women’s football team has many victories and losses in the competition with the Japanese women’s football team.In their last 12 meetings, The Chinese women’s team has recorded only two wins, one draw and nine losses, with their last victory going back to a 2-1 win over Japan in a 2016 Olympic qualifying match.The last four meetings, The Chinese women’s football team lost to the Japanese women’s football team.Especially when Jia xiuquan led the team, China’s 3-0 loss to Japan in the East Asian Cup exposed the huge gap between the two teams.Although Shui Qingxia is full of confidence, but can the women’s football team end a losing streak against Japan?In addition to winning the gold medal, there is another interesting point for The Chinese women’s football team that is whether Wang Shuang will win the Golden Shoe award.In the last round of the 3-1 reverse of Vietnam, Wang Shuang showed the style of the women’s soccer no. 1 star.In 0-1 down, it was Wang Shuang in front of the goal to grab a point to equalize the score.In the second half, she assisted Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali to score, helping the Chinese women’s soccer team to reverse 3-1. Wang Shuang scored 3 goals with 1 shot and 2 passes.At present, Wang Shuang has scored 5 goals, ranking the third top scorer, 2 goals behind The Australian women’s soccer Kerr.However, The Australian women’s football team has been eliminated by the South Korean women’s football team, so Wang Shuang has a great hope for the golden boot.In fact, Wang shuang would have had the chance to score more had the hosts not withdrawn early, leaving the women’s team with one less match to play.For The Chinese women’s team, though, the importance of beating Japan to reach the Asian Cup final may be even greater.(Xiong You Xuan)