16-2!Morante, the young genius, doesn’t seem to help the Grizzlies?

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The reason for this sentiment is that without Morante, the Grizzlies have played more smoothly, as evidenced by their 16-2 record.Although the Grizzlies have had good results with Morant, the team’s performance and chemistry are even higher without morant, which is a little puzzling.Did this team have a great culture to begin with that allowed them to quickly adjust to a lineup without a key player, or was morante’s promotion of the Grizzlies a bogus proposition?That question may need to be settled in the playoffs.As we all know, the playoffs are the key to test the quality of stars.The more stars a player has, the better he will do in the playoffs, and the overall team response will go up a notch.So when you consider these questions, you must realize that the regular season can only be a minimum level of validation of stars, not the ceiling!There are two ways to look at whether Morante will help the Grizzlies.One is the Grizzlies with Morante. What level of team is that?And how has the grizzlies changed in morante’s absence?Before we get to those two questions, let’s make one point clear: why morant should be included in any discussion of the Grizzlies.Very simple reason, because all of the current grizzlies, morante brought.During the Conley era, the Grizzlies were synonymous with poise and defense.So their offense isn’t going to be great, and their defense is going to be solid. This isn’t Memphis. This is Memphis.And after the selection of Morant, the team all configuration is around Morant.His technical signature in his first season was quickness and sharpness, so from that point on, the Grizzlies were different.From top to bottom, from the tactical system of the team, to the style of play of the players, it’s two ways.With morante, the Grizzlies are probably one of the best offensive teams in the league, with the third-best offensive rating in the league at over 120.What is this concept?There are only two teams in this league that can hold them down: Utah and Milwaukee.I don’t need to go into too much detail about how strong these teams have been in the regular season and how strong their roster structures are.A team with a healthy Morante, in fact, is a characteristic: against the trend of play to make all teams uncomfortable.As we said earlier, the Grizzlies weren’t really a mainstream team during this period, and their 3-point ability was only average.So the combination of breakaway shooters and outside shooters doesn’t work for the Grizzlies, and they rarely play magic ball.What do grizzlies rely on?It’s a very fast attack counter.They’re the league’s favorite fast-break team, and morante has a big voice in that area.He’s a fast-break player himself, and he’s fast enough, agile enough, and flexible enough to play all of his possessions.So morant’s transition efficiency is third in the league, and if you have an outside offensive player who is not a quick defender, you can hardly stop morant on his way back.He’s too fast for anyone to react!As for the traditional offense of penetration, morante can do it without the need to create space with perimeter killers.His change-ups, his quick stops, his stability after turns, and his unshapeable shots when he gets inside are all too much for opponents to handle.Some might say, Morante will break through, so just pull back.That’s easy to say, but consider that Morante’s open three-point shooting is over 34%, which is good enough.If the opponent keeps getting stuck inside, it will be even more difficult if they force a new attacker with a stronger form and a better shot.And even if you block ahead of time, the actual effect is not very good, because Morante’s left and right hands can attack directly, and it is a natural attack.He can charge directly from any direction, but you want a few more men to lock down the path?That’s not realistic either.So a grizzly bear with Morant is a violent young bear with sharp claws that wants to tear you apart at every turn.So how do the Grizzlies play without Morante?The main tone remained the same, but the rest of the players played to overcome morant’s gap.It is important to understand that a team’s style cannot be changed and a new team cannot be completely transformed after a brief absence of key players.This penchant for fast breaks and high offensive efficiency will remain in the rest of the Grizzlies’ lineup.Including Adams, Jackson Jr., they have adapted to this model.High confrontation, high speed, and high attack.They can even take the nets by surprise with what seems to be a simple brute force trick.The Nets’ offensive output couldn’t even keep up with the Grizzlies’ pace for a while, and was eventually taken with it.As to say there is no impact, in fact, it is inevitable to exist.The grizzlies rely on Morante first on fast break, second on positional play.So in games where Morante didn’t play, the grizzlies weren’t as aggressive on the counterattack as they were at first, and the positional play didn’t work as well.Against a team like the Bucks at this point, the Grizzlies would be a little hard to sustain.To be honest, the Bucks aren’t too bad on the counterattack, and they’re a little more polished in their positional battles.That’s one reason the Grizzlies are so interested in Morante, who can determine the ceiling and give the team a different approach to problems.His individual offensive ability is the grizzlies’ main weapon on the offensive.See here you should understand, the Grizzlies’ main point, is the key to continue to raise the ceiling.So they’ll do everything they can to make sure Morante stays healthy for the playoffs.And they in addition to Morante all lineup, basic is the lower limit bearer.They can hold their game and even play well in the regular season.It’s important to note, of course, that this kind of performance can only be sustained during the regular season. If you try playing without Morante in the playoffs, opponents will find several ways to hold down the rest of the lineup.