After the New Year, beware of scams in the name of recruitment!

2022-05-22 0 By

The end of the Spring Festival holiday is the peak of workers out looking for work, all kinds of “recruitment” fraud also took the opportunity to go out there are false online recruitment fraud illegal pyramid selling fraud part-time brush single type of fraud…Liars means “eclectic” many job seekers cheated criminals usually through the network platform to release false information after being made workers trust with a brush, a variety of reasons such as investment, missions to defraud the victim a money scam: network false hire cheat on popular websites, posted on the local BBS are good recruitment information in advance.They usually attract applicants’ attention with hyperbole such as “high salary needed” and “unlimited education background”.After clicking in, it was found that in the specific job description, applicants were required to “further contact” by adding QQ, wechat and other ways.After adding contact information, the swindler will ask the applicant to conduct an interview and other procedures in order to stabilize the applicant.To further cheat, cheater will claim that it has been admitted, but to pay deposit, physical examination fee and other “necessary expenses”, after defrauding the victim of money, cheater people with money to escape.Cheater is “do sufficient play”, is directed at the victim of this several sums of money.Scam two: false recruitment true pyramid selling criminals know some young people eager to find a job and lack of social experience, the yearning for high pay mentality, on the Internet advertising, with “work-study, part-time recruitment, high return” as bait to attract young applicants.When the candidates were convinced, they were asked to pay a fee or buy a product and assigned various “sales tasks.”This kind of “chain sales, franchising, enterprise direct selling, government pilot” under the guise of illegal pyramid selling activities, many people are deeply involved in them.On January 17 this year, Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) went to the police station to report to the police that he had been cheated by brushing bills online.After investigation, On January 6, Mr. Wang saw someone in a wechat group to send a recruitment advertisement for agent processing and contacted the fraudster, and in the step by step induction of the fraudster downloaded the “Wanhui Help” brushing APP, registration of basic information to do a few orders, Mr. Wang easily earned 200 yuan.See can earn money really, Mr. Wang believed each other.Then, after the other party promised that the higher the advance amount, the higher the commission, Mr. Wang transferred the money to the designated account of the other party in four times.However, when he finished brushing and prepared to withdraw the principal and commission, the other party refused for “operation error”, “three more brushing can be withdrawn” and other reasons, until Mr. Wang realized he was cheated.Scam four: underground illegal labor security, packers, construction workers……You don’t have to be highly skilled, you don’t have to be trained.This kind does not pay social insurance, do not sign labor contract, a car is direct “pull” the job, the legitimate rights and interests of workers are guaranteed very hard.Therefore, job seekers should be on the lookout for illegal “small workshops”, “black factories” and “street parties” in the illegal labor market.Looking for a job must choose a formal platform, understand the nature of the employing unit qualification and other relevant information.Scam five: fabricate false unit 2021, Li mou posing as hospital staff, in the intermediary and online recruitment information, falsely claimed that as long as the payment of 40,000 yuan “registration fee”, can not test directly into the hospital work.In order to convince the victims, the suspects also hired social workers to “impersonate” hospital directors and head nurses to interview applicants, sign fake contracts and make fake name tags, swindling more than 170 people out of a total of 3.4 million yuan.To the police’s surprise, none of the more than 170 victims called the police until police found them.So, what should job seekers pay attention to in the recruitment process?Come on!Check your recruitment fraud prevention guide!In the New Year, I wish everyone can find a satisfactory job wallet is more and more drum, life is better and better!