Donghu comments: maternal love contains magical power, achievement of life glory

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Under the title “After reading my mother’s letter to Su Yiming, I finally know why he is a champion”, the Official wechat account of People’s Daily published a letter su wrote to her son before the Opening of the Winter Olympics.The letter seems to be a simple story, but it contains deep feeling, recalling that my son started to learn snowboarding at the age of 4, and through unremitting efforts, he will win enough points to grow into a warrior who can finally wear the uniform and win glory for his country.”I was so moved, I admit it, I cried when I read it,” netizens wrote.”The mother worried, broke the defense…”.At the same time, we also praised: “Excellent mother, cultivate excellent children.””The great mother’s love, enough to inspire children to create a miracle!”The reason why this letter resonates and moves us is because of Mother Su’s deep and great maternal love.It is because of this great maternal love that Su yiming can concentrate on her favorite field, bravely stick to it, pursue the light all the way, and finally realize her dream on the stage of the Winter Olympics, and achieve the glory of her life.”Interest is what triggers children to learn.”Every child is a unique individual.A great mother will respect her child’s interest, support her child’s love, and help him set sail for life.Mother Su did not know that skiing is a very hard sport, in the face of others “such a baby son, how willing to let him practice this” question, mother with “the child is too love, parents must give full support ah” a resounding answer.Love can offset waste. It was his mother’s “necessary support” for su yiming’s love of skiing that enabled him to overcome the cold in winter and the hot in summer and devote himself to skiing, gradually leading to his career and finally winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics.Great mothers know how to give their children the signal that “you will always be proud of your mother” and always let their children walk into the game and enjoy the process.As Sue’s mother wrote in her letter, “Although you always say that the goal is always to win an Olympic gold medal, my mother hopes that you can put down the pressure and enjoy every competition with ease.”The result of the game is important, but take every step to pursue the dream, to finally reach the glorious end.On the road of life, the way to pursue dreams, not always plain sailing, thorns bumpy in, fall failure.A great mother always encourages her child to step over the thorns bravely. She shouts “You will always be mother’s pride” at the side of the track where the child falls. She gives her child the confidence that “even if the world abandons me, I will still have a home and a mother and father”.With such confidence and confidence, standing at a new starting point, let go of hard work, brave pursuit of light, will live into a light.At the age of 28, Jing yidan experienced the painful experience of failing to pass graduate school twice.When she was struggling not to give up, her mother told her: “It’s never too late to change yourself.” At the age of 29, she was admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute for postgraduate studies and became a famous host of CCTV.To live a happy life and go a long way, it is essential to know how to be grateful.Carnegie once said, gratitude is the product of great breeding, you can not get from ordinary people, because it is human nature to forget or not to appreciate.Great mothers make gratitude an important gift to pack in their children’s growing bags.As Su’s mother wrote in the letter, “You are still very young, and there will be many more Winter Olympics in the future, but attending on your own home may be the only one.You are lucky to have such a rare opportunity and you need to thank the national team, provincial team, coaches, partners, media and spectators for their support.”Of course, a person’s success is inseparable from his own hard work, but the cultivation of the country, good opportunities and environment, as well as the support of the team, teachers and partners along the way, is an indispensable important blessing for success.Thank our parents for giving us life and selfless love, thank our teachers for giving us knowledge and eyes to see the world, thank our friends for giving us friendship and support.Thanks to setbacks, let us become strong.Children with a grateful heart, have a magical power, in a wider world to soar.The great mother has strong feelings of family and country, always unconsciously practicing the mission of “educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country”.In her letters, Her son’s love for skiing, which began at the age of four, and her son’s hopes for the future after he realized his life value, her feelings of “winning glory for the country” and “making more contributions to the country and society” shine like pearls.With such mother and such feelings, su yiming’s perfect interpretation of “fighting for the country” in the Beijing Winter Olympics made the national anthem played over the podium again and again.Xiangzhou County miao Huang xiang Yonglong village hundred years old mother Chen Xiulan, 5 sons sent 3 to become a soldier to defend the country, with the action to write “loyalty to the country”, with great sentiment compose the patriotic chapter of the ordinary mother.Women are weak, as the mother is just, it is with countless “Su Mother” “Chen mother” to give up the “ego” of the house, just have our country from “stand up” “rich” to “strong”, time and again to refresh the world’s cognition, standing in the forest of nations in the world.A mother is a child’s teacher all her life.How to be an excellent mother and lead the growth of children, “Mother Su” set an example for us with her actions.May all mothers, with great maternal love awaken children’s hearts, brave to face setbacks, meet challenges, always maintain upward, to the power of good, like a sunny flower, always toward the place where the sun rises, all the way through the thorns, in the field of their own life wonderful bloom.Author: Hu Pingxian (Xingshan, Yichang)