Su Shi and Wang Fu: love is not the only thing that makes couples love each other for a long time

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In 011054, the Song Empire was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.No one will notice at this time, sichuan Meishan surging spring tide.At the age of 18, Su Shi was a talented writer who walked with great style and was sought after by local women.Not long after, Su shi’s teacher invited him to dinner at home and said earnestly, “Su, I appreciate you very much.I have a daughter named Phut. Will you be my son-in-law?”Big good thing, Su Shi immediately agreed.Soon after, Su Shi married Wang Fu.Under the red veil, the bride’s delicate face peered with shame, the groom’s unsporting beard, and they stared at each other.The marriage between teenage couples is as sweet as the first love, and no matter how it ends in the future, it will leave the deepest mark on the hearts of both.As we all know, it is unusual for a man to marry a teacher’s daughter.In the third year of his marriage, Su Shi opened the door of the imperial literary world with an article entitled “On the Faithfulness and Loyalty of Punishment”.After seeing ouyang Xiu of the literary circle, he couldn’t help praising him: “Reading shi, I don’t feel sweat, quick zai!Quick, old man! Let him go out of the way.”Under the guidance of Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi became famous for a while.Whenever he wrote a new book, it immediately spread all over the Capital.Compared to Su Shi’s lively, Wang Fu is always very rational.After marriage, she only took care of her in-laws, chopped wood and cooked, and managed the small family successfully. She never pointed fingers at other people’s affairs.Sometimes Su Shi also thought, “Is this a silly girl?”Wang Fu does not refute, but will be in Su Shi endorsement jam, then recite the next paragraph;When Su Shi doesn’t understand other books, he gives instructions.Later, he realized, “My wife is a talented girl.”In 1061, Su Shi was appointed magistrate of Fengxiang Prefecture, and he took Wang Fu with him to shaanxi province.As soon as they had finished cleaning up the dormitory, Wang fu took her husband’s hand and said, “Mr. Prime minister, we have no background or relatives outside. You should be careful when you work.Don’t talk nonsense, don’t take money nonsense, ok?””Lady, don’t worry, I know.”Su Shi beat the chest “bang bang” ring, but Wang Fu or not at ease.So when Su Shi was talking to people, she hid behind a screen and listened.After the guest had left, she would repeat the conversation and analyze the pros and cons for her husband. “This man is nothing but a flatterer to you. He has no morals.””He’s a fighter. Get away from him.””This man is dragging you into it. Hold on.”Whether the enemy was a military man or a local petty official, Wang Fu could see his purpose and intention, and then put forward reasonable suggestions to Su Shi. Female Zhuge did nothing more than that.A most skillful woman and a most virtuous wife is a king.If life is divided into four seasons, Su Shi without a trace of preparation from March to winter.In 1065, Su Shi was recalled to the imperial court.Wang fu, who had been with him for 11 years, died.The following year, his father Su Xun also died.He and Su Zhe escorted two people’s coffins, back to the beginning of the journey of life – Meishan.Once sweet words still in the ear, but now is Yin and Yang two separate.Since then, no one can give su Shi advice, he will face the rest of his life alone from place to place.After three years of mourning, Su Shi returned to Kaifeng.At that time, When Wang Anshi’s reform began, the Song Empire was not the peaceful world 20 years ago.He immediately fired: “I am against the reform in real name.”Su Shi had his own reasons: the original intention of the reform was good, but it was too radical and easy to cause party disputes. Moreover, the common people could not necessarily enjoy the benefits of the reform.Once the train starts, it is doomed to stop, because the drivers of the train are Song Shenzong and Wang Anshi.You su Shi said stop stop, that we who?Do emperors and prime ministers not want to face?Su Shi said, “Since I am not a stranger to you, I will go to other places and try my best to do something useful.”So su Shi began his journey again and became an official in Hangzhou, Michigan, xuzhou and other places, but wang Fu was no longer around.041075, Michigan, Su Shi worked late into the night before leaving the yamen, looked back, boarded a carriage home.Perhaps it was a lonely, lonely, cold night, perhaps it was displaced from place to place in no one to understand him, that night, Su Shi’s thoughts.He had a strange dream.In the dream, he and his younger brother followed their father in a boat and floated downstream out of Sichuan. Looking back at the mountains, he vowed to make a good life for his mother and wife.When I turned back, the shadows of my parents and wife became more and more blurred.Su Shi tried to grasp, but could not grasp anything, until their shadows gradually disappeared…Later, his ideal of “to the King yao and Shun” also failed to come true.He offended the emperor, the prime minister and the minister.With no political career in sight, he left Tokyo dejected.Those who praised themselves at the beginning would like to step on him now.Human nature is such, Su Shi also see light.He just wanted someone to talk to when he was in trouble, to make him feel less lonely.At this time, the figure of Wang Fu gradually clear.She was 16 years old when the comely appearance, is in meishan home in front of the dressing table eyebrows, lips……Lips paper falling, she looked up to the window: “Xianggong, good-looking?”Su Shi want to say something, but feel throat is stuck, a little voice can not be sent out, only two lines of tears fall in the face of vicissitudes of life.Wang Fu also looked at him and his smile faded away. “Mr. Prime minister, even when I am not with you, you should take good care of yourself. Don’t let me worry, ok?””Well…”Wake up, pillow wet, moon.Su Shi got up and looked at the bright moon in the sky, as if he could see Meishan, thousands of miles away, where the tomb of Wang Fu was close to his parents.He remembered the dream just now, spread out rice paper, wrote a “River City son” : ten years of life and death two boundless, do not think, since unforgettable.Thousands of lonely grave, no words desolate.Even if meet should not know, dust, temples such as frost.Night dream suddenly return home, xiaoxuan window, is dressing.Nothing but tears.Expected to be broken every year, the moon night, short pine.Su Shi was an optimist. He never left his hands without wine and meat every day and laughed often.Although he has no fixed assets or savings, he still lives happily.But deep in his heart, there is always a corner, where he has the warmest days and the most loved people.Whenever he was sad, he would go to the corner to take a look, talk to Wang Fu, and then get up and move on.However, what makes Wang Fu memorable for Su Shi is not only that they were their first love, but that they were indispensable to each other during their 11-year relationship.Su Shi is talented and progressive, and is the hope of a small family.Wang Fu is considerate and can make up for her husband’s shortcomings.So much for “marriage fit” and “comfortable”.(Source: Chinese History of Reading Addiction by Wen Boling Taihai Publishing House) Editor: Yin Hua Edited by Dong Xiaoyue Reviewed by He Jian