Tax software optimized to take care of the elderly group experience

2022-05-22 0 By

According to the tax bureau of China’s convenient tax work schedule, this year we will first introduce eighty convenient tax payment measures, to further pay attention to the elderly and the disabled this special group of various needs.In February this year, the National Tax Bureau will investigate the needs of tax payers nationwide. So far, more than 290,000 people have participated in the online questionnaire survey, while more than 5,000 people have participated in the forums arranged by tax authorities at all levels, and more than 30,000 opinions and suggestions have been put forward for our current and upcoming measures.After sorting, researching and improving these suggestions, 95% of them are adopted.At the beginning, the State Administration of Taxation according to “I do practical things for taxpayers to pay fees and facilitate the people to do tax spring breeze action” have targeted to release 10 categories of 30 items 100 specific methods.Among them, in terms of serving the needs of special groups, tax authorities require local governments to adhere to the two legs of traditional services and intelligent innovation, and constantly optimize offline services to better meet the requirements of special groups and special events, and ensure smooth and convenient social security payments for special groups such as the elderly and the disabled.Prior to this, the promotion of smart taxation has brought convenience to more taxpayers, but has drawn an invisible gap in front of the elderly, such as the barrier of not using self-help devices and scanning phone codes.Let the elderly and other special groups across the digital gap is expected, action was the ninth year of this year is the national tax administration of breeze, convenient for the elderly, the disabled and other special groups to strengthen service guarantee, on the basis of optimized offline service process, provide one-stop integrated service, priority service, promote the tax payment software aging.At the same time, in combination with the characteristics of local taxpayers, a national language, dialect and foreign language service team composed of tax personnel and volunteers has been set up to eliminate language communication barriers.On this basis, tax authorities will also optimize and upgrade 12366 intelligent consultation function, integrate and promote knowledge base sharing, and basically realize the first-line answers of national consultation.The relevant person in charge of national tax administration shows that the department use for “spring breeze action”, speed up the construction of promoting wisdom tax, vigorously promote accurate law enforcement, fine service, accurate regulation, sincere, should keep organization tax income in accordance with the basic principle, continue to promote the reform of tax system “pipes” innovation, strengthen the tax regulation, continue to optimize tax business environment.