Team up with Embiid!Harden traded, Simmons to Nets: The big Three officially disbanded

2022-05-22 0 By

James Harden was traded to Philadelphia in a trade that will link up with Embiid and Simmons, who hasn’t played this season, will join Durant and Kyrie Irving in the next game.In the deal, the Nets would trade Harden and Millsap for Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond and two first-round picks.Harden’s trade to Philadelphia heralds the end of the Nets’ big three, which fell apart after a combined 16 games for Durant, Irving and Harden over the past season or two.As you all know, Simmons filed for a trade before the start of the new season, hoping to leave Philly.Unfortunately, Philly isn’t in a hurry to trade Simmons, who hasn’t played for the team so far this season as the team waits for the right offer.It was widely rumored before the trade deadline that the Phillies wanted to trade Ben Simmons for Harden, and it was no surprise that the two sides reached a deal.For Simmons, leaving Philadelphia was what he wanted, and joining the Nets would also give him a shot at a championship.With Simmons teaming up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant for the rest of the season, the Nets are still strong.It is worth mentioning that this trade, Zhuang God and Seth Curry were also traded to the Nets, the depth of the team has also been strengthened.Harden hasn’t been happy with the Nets this season and has had to take on the same responsibilities he did with the Rockets.The Nets still have stars like Durant and Irving, but Durant has missed a lot of games because of injuries, and Irving hasn’t been vaccinated this season, so he can’t play at home and can only play on the road, and his consistency is a big part of the team as a whole.For many games this season, Harden has been able to lead the team alone, and that’s not what he wants to do, so he wants to leave the Nets and play for another championship-caliber team.Now that Harden has been traded to Philadelphia, he’ll be joined by Embiid in a trade that will be good for Harden to get out of the Nets and get the team out of its current mess while still having Embiid around him.Embiid is playing mVP-caliber games, dominating games on both ends of the floor and playing individually, one of the best players in the league this season.And harden can jointly boon than such a player, this is undoubtedly greatly enhance their probability to win the championship this season, but also help the phillies better, harden and grace than DE combination, is in the middle of the league’s top two people group, if they can good running-in, and produce certain chemical reactions in the game, then the combination of the strength is very strong.The Nets and Philadelphia are both serious contenders for the Eastern Conference title this season and are expected to meet in the playoffs, and if the two teams meet in a series with Harden and Simmons facing the former owners, it could be a very exciting series.,