The Pingluo Court held a lecture on health knowledge

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Little horse, my blood pressure seems to be a little high recently. I often feel dizzy and sometimes I can’t catch my breath. Do you know what’s going on?I sometimes also so, afternoon our unit is not to have a health lecture, go to listen to see affirmation greatly harvest!B: Sure, I’ll be there by all means.In order to further improve the health knowledge level and self-protection awareness of the court policemen, and enhance their ability to help each other and deal with emergencies on the spot, the Pingluo Court held a health knowledge lecture on the afternoon of February 11.County hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine emergency department director Li Zeren and other 9 medical staff were invited to teach, all police attended the lecture.The medical staff introduced the prevention of major diseases, healthy living habits, artificial respiration, cardiac resuscitation and other medical emergency knowledge in detail through theoretical and practical explanation, on-site drill, communication and interaction. The policemen actively observed and learned and participated in the interaction, which had a good learning effect.Everyone said that this lecture, not only learned health first aid knowledge, corrected their bad health habits and wrong health concepts, but also to relieve the pressure of work and life, shaping their own health physique played a positive role.In the future work and life will adhere to the cultivation of good living habits, establish a healthy life concept, with a good mental outlook and healthy body to create a new situation for pingluo court’s judicial career to make their own contributions.For the police free diagnosis…After the lecture, county hospital medical staff for the police do free diagnosis.Pingluo County People’s Court public account wechat: plRMfy Sina Weibo: @Pingluo Court Contributed by: Zou Jiayuan Review: Wan Juan Editor: Zou Jiayuan I know you are watching yo