All say keep son can prevent old age, at the end of the small cotton-padded jacket

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They say that having a child can protect you from old age.My mother-in-law is 84 years old and has a headstrong two daughters, so retirement has become a big problem.Last year, the old lady got a serious snake gallbladder ulcer. As she got older, her resistance was poor and she never recovered.For a year, I took pills and shots.Apart from staying with my aunt for two months and staying with my family for one month, my wife and I had to deliver two meals a day on average.At the end of the year, I hung the bottle in my house for more than ten days. I sent her home on the 27th day of the 12th month.On New Year’s Day, I took my son back to my hometown.The wife went to work and visited her mother’s home at noon. She asked her mother-in-law, “Let me make you some food. I have to go to work later.”Well, that’s pretty obvious. Lunch at my mother’s.The old lady said: “no, wait for you to come back again!”The third brother went out to pay a New Year visit, do not know when to come back.The wife was very busy at noon. She got home at 11:45 and had to leave at 12:30. She knew it.Ceng rice is not successful, no way, his wife had to go home in disgrace, a person temperature point of the morning left rice to eat.The old lady also said to the girl: “your third brother and I do not speak loudly.”This of course is to point to, at ordinary times the old lady is difficult to wait on, sometimes will be wrong daughter, angered his wife, the wife scolded her.In the eyes of their parents, the water poured out by the married daughter, no matter how much the daughter did, no matter how good the service, is not as close as the son.On the sixteenth day of the first month of last year, the old lady was stricken with gallbladder ulcer, which covered her back and front with blisters.Aunt sister to the nearby village has special treatment of the clinic, then sent the old lady in the past, two injections a day, more than 100 dollars.Aunt retired, have time, responsible for the shuttle old lady injection.My wife is still at work, sleeping with the old niang kang, responsible for two meals in the morning and evening and night care.During the three uncle brother to pick up twice, disappeared.Because it was inconvenient to run back and forth, my aunt took the old lady home for more than ten days.The disease of the old lady is more serious, discover again late, give an injection to take medicine to see how much effect.The old lady kept complaining of pain, so the doctor didn’t like her. After twenty days of treatment, he stopped giving the injection and sent her home to take medicine.No way, aunt sent her back to her hometown, looking for the village barefoot doctor to continue to take medicine.Every morning we make a meal and take it to the old lady before the wife goes to work.In a hurry, my wife was spinning around like a top.But the old lady does not understand this, lie in bed, sometimes shout several times do not get up, the wife is anxious to jump feet.My wife didn’t come home at noon, so I went to cook for the old lady after work, and then we ate together.In the evening, I usually go to do a good meal first, and so on his wife off the class, eat together.After two or three months of this, when the old lady was better, she was no longer served three meals a day, sometimes once, sometimes twice.The old lady was not good enough to serve, and did not want to eat the rest of the meal.At the sight of his children, he would groan and moan about the pain, sometimes shaking with pain, and often said, “It’s bad to live, but it’s better to die soon.I went to buy medicine, but the doctor wouldn’t give it to me.”After a long day at the factory, the wife came home to find the old woman like this, with a big head.The old lady ignored all this and just cheated on the little girl. On the way to work or from work, she would call her on the phone and do nothing but complain and cry: “Why haven’t you come back yet?My shoulders are pounding, so figure it out…”I used to joke with my wife that the old lady couldn’t be a Communist with such pain.As a matter of fact, I also know that snake gallbladder sore is very painful. The old lady has poor resistance and recovers slowly, especially when it is cloudy and rainy.It was raining heavily and the wife was still on her way from work when the old lady made three phone calls.Wait for his wife to cook a meal, wait for her to eat a meal, wipe “acyclovir cream”, back to his home just pick up the rice bowl, the old lady again two calls: “I can’t stand the pain, you come to rub for me…”His wife, who is wronged, sometimes scolded his mother: “I work for the whole day and am nag tired. When I get home, you must” Ouch ouch god “to blackmail someone, not caring whether he or she is alive or dead!Wait on you I didn’t feel tired, you every day this to not line of appearance let people plug!”The old lady was not satisfied.When a relative visited her and asked if she had eaten, she complained, “I ate a pancake with pickles.”The neighbor old lady came to play, she told the people, did not eat lunch: “hungry, I pulled hard to tighten the belt.”At home, milk, snacks have, put all over the period, so bury children.She fell down from the kang and could not climb up. She lay under the kang for several hours.Just that morning the wife did not go to deliver the meal, did not wait for the daughter, she washed herself, cooked the meal, and then called.The wife guessed that the old lady had left the mess waiting for her that morning, but had not intended for her to go to work.Answering the phone, the wife ran back at noon to wash out all the dirty clothes, so busy that she didn’t even have any food to eat.In the afternoon, the old lady telephoned her second and third aunt, crying that she was dying and nobody cared about her.My third aunt called my cousin, and my cousin called my eldest sister, whose daughter was in the hospital having a baby, and was busy, and called my wife.Look at this, all this fuss!Chapter II The old lady is not an easy old lady.She envied the old lady of the neighborhood who was waited on and kept company every day.Is that a comparison?Neighbor old woman senile dementia, paralysis in bed, can not leave the person, children just take turns to serve.Although the old lady is weak in legs, she is still strong enough to cook by herself.But we are afraid of her tired, every day to send her food.The old lady was a little lonely and looked forward to having someone to talk to every day, which was understandable but difficult.I bought a house owe a bottom debt, but also carrying 700 thousand mortgage, two people have to work to earn money to return the famine, a day to send her two or three meals is enough busy work, how have time to accompany her every day?I told my wife not to control too much, because the more she controls, the more she gets blamed.My wife did not listen to me and said: “You leave me alone, can you leave her to starve to death?”As a result, those who were more in charge became enemies, and those who were indifferent were all good people in the eyes of the old lady.Two years ago, the old woman’s oldest son fell ill and died. The daughter-in-law of the oldest son said, “I don’t care if your oldest son dies. Why should I?”Second early years borrowed the don to sell pig money, later said also, the Don said not also, the two antagonized into “enemy”, in addition to the New Year’s day, not to the door.Years ago cousin to the old lady brought words, said that the old house is willing to sell to sell, but the east house is his, can not move, because the east house was built when he sponsored twenty thousand bricks.Lao SAN wanderer does not go home for many years, after coming back and his wife separated, now occasionally forward leaning, just because of thinking about the old lady’s house.”Za niang does not talk, said a word I go to seek civil administration.”Let the old lady talk, give him the house, probably later saw no chance, also do not rely on the former.And the old lady said to the two girls, “This house, you sisters stay out of it!”We’re not going to get involved.The house you love give which son give that son, the key is no matter who give, either let him give you endowment, or give a little money for your endowment!The old lady said nothing about it. Instead, she said, “When I’m dead, I’ll do whatever I want.”The oldest daughter-in-law went to see her and said, “Her grandmother is extremely difficult. Hire someone to help you eat, drink and chat with you. How unbridled you are!”Waiting for his wife to get there, the old lady was laughing and listening to her. The wife asked, “Who will pay?”The old lady answer: “need not you tube, your three elder brother will think of a way.”The way that three elder brother think is: send old lady nursing home!The old lady thought nursing home was free!The wife was angry half dead: “send nursing home, this get much not long head letter son!”Three winter arrived, aunt live in the community opened heating, afraid of the old lady at home cold, put her home, live for a month and a half.The old lady drove her eldest daughter mad this month.Because it was not convenient to hang needles upstairs, we took her home and asked the barefoot doctor in the village to hang her needles for ten days.In order to increase resistance, his wife specially bought albumin injection for her.There was no heat in the house, and the air conditioner was on from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, only shutting down at noon for ventilation.The old lady is constipated, and every night his wife pushes celou away for her.The old lady leaks urine. In addition to taking medicine, the wife washes her diapers, changes diapers and washes her buttocks every day as if she were waiting on children.So the old lady from time to time to show us.Especially in the days leading up to the end of her speech, she was restless and her face was so heavy that she could drop water.She wants to go home.Our local custom, can not celebrate the New Year in the daughter’s home, because of the bad influence on the son, will let people poke back.The old woman called her third son and asked him to buy a stove to keep him warm.He promised to take care of the house so that he could come back on the day he left the kitchen. He did not take care of the house until the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month.My brother-in-law came to my house that night and brought a case of wine and ten catties of steak to discuss the matter of the old lady coming home for the Spring Festival.He called the child three uncle, agreed to 28 back, New Year’s Day these days by the child three uncle care, after the year to see the situation again to his home.And so it was settled.The old lady was grave and unsmiling those days.On the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, his wife came home from work at noon. Seeing the warm weather, she said, “Take a walk and bring my mother home quickly, or she will be worried to death.”To the old house, open the mattress, open the sun, cleaning, a busy, the old lady settled.I asked her, “Is it cold?”She shook her head. “Not cold.”I can not laugh or cry, it is so magical: in my home, open air conditioning, open the mattress, sitting on the bed, holding three electric warm bags, she also said that her legs cold, once home, cold pot cold stove, but not cold.On the third day of the lunar New Year, our two families got together at the old lady’s house.The wife nods, say her: “now happy!”The old lady!