Excuse me toilet change cloakroom feng shui is good, what problems need to pay attention to?

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Hello, now a lot of people like to change the house, some home in the area of the toilet is relatively large, so will change the toilet out of a cloakroom, or the bathroom and cloakroom swap, then the bathroom to change the cloakroom feng shui is good, what problems need to pay attention to?Here is a detailed introduction.One is, in feng shui, if the kitchen is called the water, corresponding to the toilet is in the water.So from this point of view, if the whole or part of the toilet into a cloakroom, it will destroy the water, if the water is destroyed.So how do you get lucky?Second, because of the change of the mode of building, now both villas and residential building is two or three layers of start, generally on the same side of the floor of their house building design is the same, so you to transform your own toilet into cloakroom, up and down is in toilet “will”, the toilet is bad feng shui.1, for the small bedroom toilet all into cloakroom, this can be applied with a toilet in the bedroom, because in this way can we change the feng shui of the bedroom, and then make cloakroom, itself set up the design of toilet is not good in the bedroom, so such reconstruction for the housing is a feasible, will benefit house feng shui.?2, for villas and other large family, the toilet can be partly changed into a cloakroom, so that it will not destroy the feng shui of the toilet, but also to bring their own fitting convenience.Such a bathroom to change the cloakroom feng shui for the villa, but also in the bathroom cloakroom placed some can absorb evil plants, so it will purify the air of the toilet, because the toilet in the transformation of the time will be separated from the cloakroom, so the effect of blocking evil is very good.Above about the bathroom to change the cloakroom feng shui related matters are introduced to this, here friendship tips: do not literally change the bathroom to cloakroom, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, these changes will hurt the vitality, so, for feng shui we still want to understand more, especially the bathroom feng shui.Very happy to answer for you, sincerely hope to help you oh, please give a zan ha!