Ma Tianyu heart knot, do not eat chocolate will not lose mother, father died he panic

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Everyone has a secret in his heart, the secret is not willing to open the scar.Some people will choose to release the pressure in their heart, some people will choose to keep the secret forever.As we all know, the competition in the entertainment industry is very fierce, and stars are under pressure from all aspects.Ma Tianyu is one of the biggest examples.Ma Tianyu is introverted and does not like to communicate with others, which has a lot to do with his original family.Ma Tianyu was born in a very poor rural area, and experienced the pain that no one else has ever experienced. Ma Tianyu can get to today completely by his own hard work.Ma Tianyu’s father is addicted to gambling, and even uses his younger brother to repay debts. When his mother knows that his father gives his younger brother to others, her mother is completely desperate.Mother is ma Tianyu’s biggest weakness is also ma Tianyu’s heart knot, Ma Tianyu said he did not eat chocolate will not lose his mother, Ma Tianyu said what does this mean?Did he have something to do with mom dying?Ma Tianyu likes to eat chocolate very much. When he was 5 years old, his mother gave Ma Tianyu money to buy his favorite chocolate and told Him to buy a box of sleeping pills.With the money left over after buying sleeping pills, Ma Tianyu could buy a lot of chocolate. He did not know what his mother meant and went out happily to buy sleeping pills and chocolate.Naive Ma Tianyu thought he could finally know his favorite chocolate, did not expect to be the news of his mother’s death.This is a big blow for Ma Tianyu, who grew up believing that his mother would not have died if he had not insisted on eating chocolate.Conversely, if you don’t eat chocolate, you won’t lose your mother. Ma Tianyu has been trapped in his heart.Ma Tianyu felt that he killed his mother, since the heart is very entangled and remorse.Everybody knows mother’s death and Ma Tianyu have nothing to do with, mother face life is very desperate, want to pull Ma Tianyu to leave this world together.Ma Tianyu survived, but his mother died forever.Ma Tianyu has become an unloved child. His personality has a lot to do with his childhood experience.The role of father has not brought a sense of security to Ma Tianyu since childhood. For him, he hates his father very much and thinks he is a very irresponsible man.After his mother died, Ma Tianyu never forgave his father.Ma Tianyu thought that they would not have any intersection, his father died he panic.At that moment, Ma Tianyu knew that he not only did not have his mother, his father also left him forever, Ma Tianyu was very uncomfortable.Although he hated his father very much, as long as his father was still alive, Ma Tianyu felt that there was a family member in the world.When his father left, Ma Tianyu felt abandoned by the world.After her husband and wife died, Ma Tianyu knew what it was like to truly part.Looking at his dying father on the bed, Ma Tianyu did not cry.It does not mean that Ma Tianyu is a hard-hearted person, people in extreme pain is unable to shed tears.Ma Tianyu’s family of origin is so miserable that he is now withdrawn and unwilling to communicate with others.Ma Tianyu’s childhood was miserable, but now Ma Tianyu is radiant.