Who’s to blame for this beautiful woman waiting in line with her shopping cart when she returns to find her seat occupied?

2022-05-23 0 By

Shenyang a supermarket cashier scene cause netizen discussion, there is a woman into the supermarket to buy things they need, when he had to go to the cashier’s settlement, all of a sudden there is one thing, I don’t know whether have bought, she looked at the shopping cart, found no, so I put the shopping cart in her queue queue for her, then she left again into the store to get their buy goods.When she left, the person behind her in line pushed her cart aside and moved to the front of the line. The woman quickly retrieved the item, only to find that her cart had been pushed aside and her seat had been taken by someone behind her.This woman is a bit angry, she put on one side of the cart back again, but the one behind the she very angry and give her away, but even if the woman think you leave already leave their shopping cart in this line, two people back and forth so many times, the last battle, however, the woman may also know oneself do not appropriate, then pull your shopping cart,To the back of the line.In life, we often encounter similar things, such as queuing up for registration in the hospital, queuing up to buy food and so on. Can shopping carts or food baskets replace people to queue up?Is that appropriate?Let’s hear what the Internet has to say.The net friend said: I think is behind the person too care about, because there is no row to.When I meet such a situation in the queue to buy food, I usually help the people in front of me to push the car or basket forward. There is no emergency, not bad so a few minutes of time.Net friend two way: leave temporarily to sample goods, come back to continue to queue, nothing wrong ah.There’s no need for that. It’ll only take a few minutes, but.Netizen 3 said: Alas, when you stand on the sidelines, you are usually more rational. What if you stand on the back?And very anxious, the one standing in front of you doesn’t come back for a long time, what do you think?In fact, the meaning of the line lies in real-time, the cargo in, you put the shopping cart that a person, honest with each other, and come back in time, I think we would agree, but self sustaining their rational, don’t say “hello”, for it’s me, I decided that you don’t, it’s also not line, I came near, and don’t have any problem,When you go out, don’t feel like everyone should bend over backwards. Be polite.What do you think?Welcome to leave a message.