Find nodules do not panic, tube mouth, eat these kinds of food less, or contribute to smaller nodules

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Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their own health, so many people have the habit of regular physical examination. It is recommended that we have a physical examination every six months to a year, in order to timely observe their health status.During the inspection will check out the small problem of the body, nodule problem is most common in many problems, through some research has shown that women patients with nodules accounted for than important groups have received than the male patients accounted for some larger than important, so this request in daily life, people need to be solved by way of regulating their diet.01 nodules is the definition of the nodules can contact limitations, round, oval or irregular substantial skin damage the formation of nodules may be inflammatory or non-inflammatory, ACTS on the skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue, indirect sizes at the same time, the evident difference between size, even as small as millet can cause cherry or greater,And nodules of both sizes can fuse together into plaques.Nodules can be touched at the beginning of the disease but are not seen by people. After that, they will gradually grow larger as they grow, and finally appear higher than the plane. The texture of nodules is different, some nodules are soft, some nodules are hard, and some nodules cannot move when touched and adhere to the surrounding skin.Nonspecific and specific inflammation may cause the risk of nodules, and nodules and parasitic invasion, and metabolic waste rubbish to accumulate in the body has a closely related, and some nodules can is a kind of new biological, basal cell cancer, cutaneous tuberculosis, and the third phase of syphilis, a variety of diseases such as pig meat flag diseases, all may occur with nodules at the onset.A few nodules can be completely absorbed without leaving a trace, while most nodules change slowly and gradually grow in size. Some nodules may even ulcerate and eventually form ulcers, with scar formation after healing.Classification of 02 nodules (1) Breast nodules that affect the breast health of female friends are breast nodules, and breast nodules are also more common breast diseases in recent years.Modern female friends physical and psychological pressure is gradually increasing, work and life is too busy, coupled with the family does not understand and so on inducements, can cause the generation of breast nodules.According to the relevant research survey found that in recent years, more and more female friends suffer from breast nodules in China, which is as high as more than 85%. In this case, it seriously affects the health and safety of female friends.But need everyone trust, more than 90% of breast nodules are benign, only 6% of the population need surgery, female friends once breast area appeared more obvious discomfort, must go to the hospital in time the corresponding investigation, in order to timely screening lesions, won’t make nodules affect the safety of life.(2) Thyroid nodule When it comes to thyroid nodule, we are not unfamiliar with it. The onset age of thyroid nodule is mostly over 40 to 50 years old, and it is most common in female friends.According to relevant studies, it has been found that the vast majority of people have thyroid nodules, and nearly 80% of these people are closely related to long-term intake of high oil and salt food.Clinically, it is found that nearly 75% of thyroid nodules are benign nodules, which can be avoided to a certain extent and effectively inhibit the growth of thyroid nodules by only controlling them through daily diet.(3) pulmonary nodules is the most important respiratory organs of the lung, internal organs, and lung is the only direct contact with the external environment, internal organs directly if the lung once appear health problems, is a body’s respiratory cycle, under the influence of certain, to make the body appear bosom frowsty, and other respiratory disease problem.Pulmonary nodules, if not controlled, will cause the nodules to continue to grow around, which will affect the bronchi, so that there will be obstruction of respiratory circulation, and there will be several probabilities of bronchial lung cancer.But patients with pulmonary nodules don’t need to worry too much, under the doctor’s advice, and under the guidance of a doctor, can alleviate nodules by surgical approach, and the surgical success rate is as high as 99%, patients in daily life as long as regulate their own state of mind, positive in the face of illness, treatment can improve.03 detected nodules don’t panic, to hold your mouth, eat less this a few kinds of food, or help smaller nodules (1) alcohol now society of the people, because of the work or life, all have the habit of drinking more or less, we all know that drinking hurt liver, acetaldehyde and ethanol in alcohol ether will direct effects on the liver of a certain impact on the health of the liver,Causes problems such as alcoholic fatty liver disease.In fact, when the body appear the habit of drinking alcohol on nodules stimulate a certain situation, lead to nodules by certain stimulation, the growth speed of the situation, so in daily life for a population with nodules must quit drinking, even if is not quit, also want to drink less as far as possible, avoid nodules problem more and more serious, is not conducive to the health of the body,Not conducive to the recovery of nodules.(2) high fat food quality of people’s life is getting better and better now, so many people have a special meat eating habits, and even some of the type of people do not belong to no meat huan, but in the meat, fat in the food more, if regular use will not only lead to obesity, parents can also lead to accumulation of body fat,Which can lead to cardiovascular health problems.People with nodules, if they regularly eat high fat food in daily life, it will also lead to nutritional supplement of nodules, which will lead to accelerated growth rate of nodules, so it will lead to increased disease degree of nodules and harm the health of the body.(3) containing a high percentage of iodine food like iodine in kelp seaweed and other seafood is higher, therefore does not recommend patients with thyroid nodules edible a few products in our daily life, when you eat too much will lead to excessive iodine accumulation in the body, so as to affect the body’s endocrine, thereby affect the health of the thyroid gland, go against the recovery of thyroid nodule,So if you have thyroid nodules, stay away from foods that are high in iodine.Conclusion: If you have nodules, you don’t need to worry too much. In general, normal situations can be solved through diet and medical intervention, and corresponding treatment can achieve the purpose of recovery. You need to develop a good attitude and actively cooperate with the treatment to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Healthy New Year