He has no name is laughing proud of the strongest master, jianfa high wind qingyang, faster than the east undefeated

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Legend of the Condor Heroes, The Return of the Condor Heroes, and The Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slayer are all known as the Condor Trilogy. The Condor Trilogy, one of Cha’s early works, contains many wonderful fighting scenes, but it is generally a fairly normal work of fist fighting.After writing the Condor Trilogy, Cha began writing the Tian Long Ba Bu (Heavenly Dragon Ba Bu).As a result of the accumulation of a lot of experience in the Trilogy of Shooting diao, the martial arts of the Tianlong Era became mysterious and magical: the six-vein magic sword of transforming qi into shape, destroying things and wounding people, and the flame knife;A misty walk;Absorbing people’s internal force, unearned north Ghost;Rejuvenation of the eight famine liuhe egoism and so on.Tian Long Ba Bu is undoubtedly an imaginative martial arts masterpiece, and both the ups and downs of the plot and the fantastic martial arts Settings make readers waddle with delight.After writing Tian Long Ba Bu, Jin Yong continued to write The Swordsman.A change in the previous fighting focus on the internal force of the style, laugh proud era suddenly born a exquisite arcane sword dugu nine jian.Two, dugu nine sword short board linghu chong in thought cliff face wall during, chance coincidence met under sword master wind qingyang.As a result of linghu blunt a chivalrous heart, together with the martial arts talent is extremely high, the wind qingyang will dugu nine swords all the way.After making fox blunt swordsmanship becomes at the beginning, he of reappear all corners of the country discovers he is really different from two people, the swordsmanship of duplicative force is in dugu 9 swords before add hold under become smooth flowing water, one stroke, make fox blunt ascend all corners of the country all of a sudden the rank of ace.When REN I took linghu chong and others to kill on the black wood cliff, the eastern invincible display of the martial arts even readers also feel surprised unceasingly.Originally, even if I, to ask the day and other people try their best to encircling the East unbeaten;Even if Linghu blunt use dugu nine sword’s secret righteousness to the east unbeaten “brush brush” even stab a few swords;Even if at this time of Linghu chong follow the teachings of wind qingyang, with dugu nine swords in the “only attack not defend” essence, line like ghosts and spirits of the East is still like light smoke, let me, Linghu chong’s style in vain.Through the series of fights and confrontations in Linghu Chong, as readers, we can still find the shortcomings of Dugu’s nine swords.Originally, linghu chong once asked the wind qingyang: “if the opponent also have no style?”The wind qingyang is so answer: “so he is also a first-class master, maybe you win, maybe he wins.”For “no hire” this concept, not only refers to the opponents do not only, more includes the following two reasons: 1, too fast, can’t see is like a sunflower treasure dian east don’t hurt, is really have a track record, the speed of the east don’t hurt too much, just make fox blunt to the naked eye can’t see, this also let east don’t hurt style tend to be “no”.2, at the end of the swordsman, Lin Pingzhi, left cold Zen formed the “blind army”, they will be introduced into the cave by the dark environment killing.At this time, Dugu jiu Jian still tied his hands and feet, after all, he could not see his opponent’s moves — except for the glittering sword, he could not see anything.He learned dugu nine jian, the main point is to see the enemy’s move flaws, seize the opportunity, at this time the enemy’s body movements can not be seen, swordsmanship will not come out.Four, a mysterious master in addition to dugu nine swords have fatal defects, the Oriental undefeated sunflower treasure dian also has a problem.Originally, the Sunflower Treasure Book was completely preserved in Putian Shaolin Temple, but was burned by shaolin monks after being forcibly memorized by Huashan Sect.And huashan school rely on rote memorization, transcribed down sunflower treasure book is incomplete.With Lin Yuan map of the side of the memory of the side of the explanation, this martial arts secret book is “less weight”.Visible, although the eastern invincible martial arts near muddy not like flesh and blood, but compared with the “Sunflower treasure Book” founder of the former eunuch, the eastern invincible fast as electricity, disease like wind like teaching a fish to swim.In addition, many readers have expressed the opinion that although Linghu Chong could not compete with Dongbu, Feng Qingyang’s Dugu Nine Swords might be able to compete with Dongbu.But if the eunuch in front of the battlefield, I’m afraid the wind qingyang + east invincible with two enemy one, is not the opponent of the eunuch in front.In sum, although the eunuch of former dynasty is nameless, but it is the strongest ace in “laughing proud river’s lake”.What do you think, gentlemen?