Today the beginning of spring | from the beginning of spring three poems, look at the ancient beginning of spring when the four customs!

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Today’s Start of Spring, the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, means the earth’s recovery, a new round of new changes.As the saying goes, a year’s plan begins with spring.What were ancient Chinese people doing at the start of Spring?1, Zhang Ishiqi “The beginning of spring accidentally into” law back to the age of late frost less, spring to the human vegetation know.Feel the present business full, east wind shuilu jagged!Zhang ⅱ is not a person we are familiar with, but his ancestors are famous.He was born in an official family. Shizu was Zhang Jiugao, the younger brother of Zhang Jiuling, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty.As an official of the Southern Song Dynasty, he founded chengnan Academy and was named one of the three sages in the southeast along with Zhu Xi and Lu Zuqian.This poem is about the scene he saw in the south at the beginning of spring: at the end of the year, spring returns to the earth, the frost gradually decreases, and vegetation is the first to know the arrival of spring.Only feel that the present is a vibrant, east wind blowing water green swaying.This is a typical poem about the beginning of Spring, expressing the desire for a prosperous scene.The whole poem takes “law back” as an opportunity, law once, less frost, then the warm spring is known, “spring to the world grass and trees know”, in an anthropomorphic way: spring grass and trees sprout first.Quite outside the rhyme, and Su Shi “spring river warm duck prophet” famous sentence, have the same wonderful.The concluding sentence “the east wind is green and uneven” is also a good sentence of accurate and vivid material.Ripening with green waves, the field of vision into the realm of water and sky, with scenery, endless aftertaste, give people a cheerful and carefree infection, encourage people to be positive, carefree and have endless reverie.2, Su Shi “reduced word Magnolia · Spring” Spring ox spring rod, infinite spring breeze to the sea.They beggar spring work, dyed pink like red meat.Spring pennant spring victory, a spring breeze blowing wine wake up.Not like the horizon, rolled up Yang Hua like snowflakes.When Su Shi wrote this poem, he was banished to Hainan.At that time, Hainan was not only the remotest corners of the earth, but also the wilderness. The conditions were very difficult, and ordinary people could not come back in the past.However, Su Shi was born optimistic, and he described the gorgeous spring scenery in Hainan with cheerful strokes, which conveyed his philosophical thoughts of being at ease with life.Su Shi wrote the beginning of Spring, full of folk customs.In ancient times, when the beginning of spring, “The Book of the Later Han · Etiquette Annals” records, “set up a green flag, the application of cattle ploughing people outside the door, to show zhaomin (zhaomin, that is, the people)”.Spring ox is mud ox.Spring stick refers to the ploughman holding the plough rod to serve;Later, there is also the custom of “spring”, dressed as “Gou Mang God”, beating cattle.The meaning of the above sentence is: leading the spring clay ploughing ox, pulling the spring clay ploughing staff, the clay ploughing man standing near the two.The spring breeze is infinite, coming from the sea.Then invited the spring god’s magic, dyed the peach blossom red like flesh red.Spring flags, or “green flags”, refer to flags.Chunsheng, a kind of paper-cut, cut into patterns or words, also known as cut sheng, color sheng, also indicates the meaning of spring.”A burst of spring breeze blowing wine wake up”, pointing out the spring ceremony on the banquet intoxicating spring wine, enthusiasm, rich taste.Both “spring breeze” strongly strengthen the upbeat tone of the whole word.Erect spring green flags, cut into spring color wins.A spring breeze, blowing me awake.Here is not like the cape tianya, rolled up Yang Hua, like snowflakes.In the past, people whip the spring ox, fight the spring war, hang the spring flags, and cut the spring victory to welcome the start of spring.Moreover, Su Shi deserves to be called famous for his very natural use of Canon.In the eyes of the author, Hainan floor heating, the time has seen Yang Hua;And central Plains, yan to the vernal equinox before and after the beginning, with willow flowers at the same time.In the author’s hands, it seems that spring has arrived.3, Xin Qiji “Han Palace Spring · Spring Day” spring has returned, look at the beauty head, madadayo spring flags.Gratuitous wind and rain, not willing to end the cold.When swallow, material tonight dream of the West garden.Hun did not do, yellow orange wine, more pass green leek pile plate?But laugh east wind from now on, then fuming plum dye willow, more no leisure.Idle time to the mirror, the transformation of beauty.Clear sorrow, ask who will solve the chain?For fear of seeing flowers bloom, zhaolai saiyan also first.Xin Qiji, a famous patriotic poet, was born at a time when northern China was already ruled by the Jin people, and his home province of Shandong was no exception.So when he grew up, he especially wanted to serve the country. He returned from the Jin State to the Southern Song Dynasty in the 32nd year of Shaoxing, Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty. This poem is a poem he wrote when he temporarily lived in Jingkou (Zhenjiang) in the early days of his return.Spring Streamer: in ancient times, at the beginning of spring, colored silk is cut into the shape of flowers, coal, swallow, etc., inserted into women’s hair, or put under the flower branches, called spring sowing, also known as Tian Sheng, color sheng.Gratuitous: without cause or reason.Year swallow: refers to the swallow that came to the south last year.Youyuan: Outside the west gate of bianjing, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, there is qionglin Garden, known as the West Garden, for the emperor to hunt and visit.This refers to the latter, in order to express the author’s thoughts of homeland.Hun: Totally.Yellow orange wine: cured wine made of yellow orange cheese.On the day of the start of spring, we offer toast to each other.Transfer: let alone transfer to each other.From beauty hair curl spring flags, see spring has returned.Although spring has returned, but there are still wind and rain to send cold, like winter xu Cold still in.Swallows have not yet returned to the north, tonight when the dream back to the West garden.Already full of melancholy, not to buy the festival of things.The next part of the poem further expresses the author’s feelings about the country and homesickness.”But laugh at the east wind from now on” three sentences, the author thought that after the beginning of spring, the east wind will be busy blowing out a school of spring willow green flower river.”When I am free, I come back to the mirror and change my beauty.” Although the language is virtual, it actually expresses the author’s determination to serve the country and recover the lost land when he first returned to the Southern Song Dynasty, and he is afraid of wasting his time and wasting his life.Here said “qing Chou”, actually is the author’s feelings for the country and the people.The meaning of the next sentence is: dongfeng self-reliance spring, busy decorating the world flower willow, leisure and to the mirror, steal the youthful appearance of the person.Clear sorrow as continuous chain, no one can solve.Afraid to see flowers bloom and fall, in the blink of an eye, spring is gone, and zhaoyan has returned to the north before me.What worries the author?”Afraid to see, flowers bloom and fall, zhaolai Saiyan first also.”Expressing the author’s concern for the restoration of the cause, I am afraid that this year’s flowers are in full bloom and fall again, but the lost land has not been recovered, there are still difficult to return home, words, sentences reveal a trace of melancholy.It can be said that poetry expresses aspiration and sings affection.A spring, the author’s aspirations to write.This beautiful spring, looking forward to the past, there is no power and gold people to contend with, really sad ah.From the above three poems, the beginning of Spring represents hope, no matter what the author’s circumstances are.The beginning of Spring marks the end of the winter when all things are closed, and the beginning of spring marks the beginning of the spring when all things are warm and sunny.Xin Qiji’s misfortune or su Shi’s personal misfortune worth mentioning, poets on the day of the beginning of Spring, all think of the customs of the beginning of spring: whip spring cattle, spring fighting, hanging spring flags, cutting spring wins, drinking spring wine.All this means that the old is gone and the new is coming.Let’s welcome the beginning of spring and welcome the new life.May all life be renewed in spring, may all unhappiness disappear.