Beef powder out of the United States!”Rice fans” in Bijie, Guizhou, featured in China Daily

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On February 5, the China Daily, Hong Kong version 11 on page 5 of ultimate version 2 pictures published “GuizhouflavorspreadsacrossUS (guizhou flavor ones with the United States).Since 2014, when he and his friends opened their first Guizhou rice noodle restaurant in flushing Food Court, Chen Yuzhu, a young man from Bijie, Guizhou province, started his career as a rice noodle brother in the United States with a hometown affection, and established a beef noodle brand that is well known to the local people.Chen Yuzhu is a qianxi native of Bijie, Guizhou province. After graduating from college in 2008, she moved to the United States to do business.With deep obsession for hometown cuisine and nostalgia, I started to open “Huaxi King” beef noodle shop in the United States.With a soup base made of beef bones and more than 40 Chinese herbs, and smooth rice noodles, Chen yuzhu’s beef noodles not only deliver the taste of home to overseas compatriots, but also open the taste buds of local cuisine.In order to make customers understand mifen instead of noodles, he distinguishes Guizhou rice noodles from other staple foods and does not let customers generally think of them as “noodles”. He patiently explains them to every customer who comes to his shop. After a long time, people call him “brother Rice noodles”.For Chen yuzhu, COVID-19 is a crisis but also an opportunity.As many offline restaurants have been forced to close, Chen has suffered the same fate.So he began to improve the way he supplied his products, selling them online through quantified semi-finished products, and orders increased six times as much as before the pandemic.Now, he has improved guizhou Huaxi rice noodles, adding thick soup and tomato sour soup base on the basis of the original soup, and providing ingredients such as matcha sauce and soybean milk, which enriches the taste of beef powder and is closer to the local taste.At present, Chen yuzhu operates 13 stores.He said 70 percent of the restaurant’s customers are overseas Chinese and 30 percent are foreigners, hoping to let more foreigners and overseas Chinese know Guizhou and fall in love with its cuisine and culture.Comprehensive collation of data of Tian Minjia, guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter, from China Daily and Guo Doric, editor of Guizhou Overseas Chinese Federation, tian Minjia, Shi Yuling