Snow and ice ‘hot’ in rice fields

2022-05-25 0 By

On February 13, the first snow in the Year of the Tiger brought people into the world of ice and snow.”Walk, walk, take the kids skating.”Around the Spring Festival, many parents in Dingxiang county took their children to the Village lianyun Snow Park in Pingdongshe Village, Hongdao Town, to experience the snow and ice project.”I heard my friend said that I could skate here. I thought it was the rice field that was transformed into a skating rink, but I never thought there were fast snow circles, snow turns, ice slides and other snow amusement facilities.”Yan Xin, who lives in the county, felt very novel, and his childhood memories emerged in his heart.”I don’t think I’ll be able to use the truck,” he joked.Yan Xin’s 6-year-old son plays in the snow as much as he can. After playing, he goes to play in the snow circle.Yan Xin and reporters recalled the childhood “ice sports”.”We have the habit of pouring water in winter, mainly to prevent cold and keep soil moisture, stabilize the ground temperature, and lay a good foundation for the next year’s harvest.”Yan xin said that in the fields after pouring ice in winter, people take all kinds of homemade earth ice carts to enjoy the happiness of winter.Indeed, the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ignited the upsurge of ice and snow sports entertainment, ice and snow economy is also active everywhere.Having snow park head Li Lingbing told reporters that he spent or ten thousand yuan to build the 10 acres of artificial ski resorts, and purchased 80 snow circle, around 60 tanks caused and snow, snow, banana boat rides, will be held during the winter games, attract everyone to experience, let parents to return to the childhood, let the children have fun.The huge resort is full of tourists who slide down from high places or spin in the snow to enjoy the fun of ice sports.Li Lingbing introduced that since the operation of the village Lianyun Snow Park, the daily reception can reach more than 300 person-times, and the daily reception even exceeds 1,000 people during the Spring Festival.In addition to receiving tourists, the park also considered the epidemic prevention and control work, arranged a large number of staff to remind visitors to wear masks, take their temperatures carefully, check their health codes, and actively provide services.After the interview, we met Yan Xin again.Apparently, he and his family aren’t done yet.Yan said he and his family will pay more attention to snow and ice sports as they become more popular.”We ordinary people also enjoy the Heat of the Winter Olympics,” he said. “We take this opportunity to learn about the development history and competition rules of each event. It’s just a study.”During the Spring Festival of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow entertainment plays an entertaining role, making the public feel the charm of the Winter Olympic Games and the joy of ice and snow sports.(Zhang Yuhu)