The scene of the epidemic in Fanchang, Wuhu

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“Don’t go downstairs without a mask. Keep a distance of one meter. Wear masks…Take out the security code of your ID card in advance.Volunteers hold loudspeakers to maintain order during nucleic acid testing in Xanguang community in Fanyang township of Fanchang district, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, March 28, 2019.After the outbreak of the epidemic, government officials in Fanchang took the lead and rushed to the forefront, reporting to their communities as soon as possible, claiming their post responsibilities and carrying out volunteer services.They donned protective suits and job tags and walked through every corner of the community.”Our main job is to maintain order in nucleic acid testing, urging them to wear masks and keep a distance of one meter.I think young people just need to get ahead.”Community volunteer Xing Tao told reporters.At the checkpoints for epidemic prevention and control in The Sunshine Garden and the New Century community, volunteers actively cooperated with the community in nucleic acid testing, checkpoint guard, flow monitoring and data verification, and took on the multiple responsibilities of keepers, temperature detectors, sanitizer and garbage removal personnel in the community, devoting themselves to epidemic prevention and control.On March 26, fanchang imposed temporary traffic control, with all buses, taxis and online ride-hailing services suspended in the district.At noon on the same day, the whole area to recruit the establishment of party members volunteer service fleet, free of charge to provide emergency travel services for special groups.The volunteer service fleet consists of 20 taxis, serving the elderly, the sick, the disabled and those with limited mobility.The district epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters will uniformly accept and dispatch vehicles to ensure the emergency travel needs of service objects.”We hope fanchang can overcome the epidemic and resume work and production as soon as possible through our joint efforts.”Xiong Fei, a taxi driver, said.After fanchang further strengthened social meeting control, in order to solve the actual situation that residents could not go out to buy food, order food online, and find it difficult to deliver food, the government increased the allocation of materials for people’s livelihood, and made every effort to guarantee daily necessities for people during the epidemic prevention and control.In order to distribute daily necessities to residents as soon as possible, volunteers have been packing vegetables and meat overnight.On the morning of March 28, trucks filled with epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities arrived at the gates of each community.Community volunteers continue to unload, load and deliver vegetables.”Your food I now put on the door, wait a while after we walk out you take, nucleic acid will be waiting for medical staff to come to collect.”Residential property personnel are wearing protective clothing for home quarantine residents to distribute supplies.Although there is a door, but the transfer of warmth is not isolated.Many volunteers are active every day in this “fanchang defense” of epidemic prevention and control. They will not quit when the epidemic continues.Source: Fanchang Rong Media Center forward attention